Same Game Parlay Picks – Same Game Parlay Guide

Take a look at our Same Game Parlay predictions and picks below. We already provide predictions for matches and we provide daily parlay picks, and now we are also able to provide daily SGP picks.

Same Game Parlay Predictions


What is a Same Game Parlay?

Very simply, it is combining correlated bets for the same match, on the same betslip. Not all matches will permit SGP, and the betting site will typically inform or alert you if you are able to place one for the match. The way the bookmaker informs you varies but can be on the betslip, or can be an icon next to the match. Not sure where to bet? See the Best US Sports Betting Apps



Which Sportsbooks offer Same Game Parlays

Based on their popularity ,more and more US Sportsbooks are offering SGP’s. At current count there are 4, but you can expect more and more to start offering them, especially on the most popular sports, such as NFL, NBA and MLB. They may also be offering limited markets, but as long as they include Player Props, they will be fun. Below are the bookmakers currently offering Same Game Parlays.

NFL Same Game Parlay

Although Same Game Parlays can be played on most sports (depending on the sportsbook), the most popular sport to place a SGP on is undoubtedly the NFL. Now when making NFL Picks, you can choose from the same match and build up your Parlay, or alternatively use our best bets today. This means that you can focus on your knowledge on just that one game to ensure you give yourself the highest opportunity for a win. Typically bets included in a NFL SGP include: moneyline, player props like rushing yards, passing touchtdowns and over/under picks.

What sports can be included in your same game parlay bet?

With a standard Parlay, you can include all sports in the same parlay. You could have a spread bet from NBA, totals from NFL and a straight up ML from NHL etc. However, due to the very nature which makes a Same Game Parlay so popular, is the same reason it can only include one sport. It is, by definition, a parlay with just the one match, and therefore, just the one sport.

Same Game Parlay Payouts explained

So, how do the payouts work for SGP? The payouts for a SGP are calculated in the same way they are for a standard Parlay. You take the odds you have in your parlay and you multiply them by each other. This will give you the total odds. Seeing this you can understand why SGP and parlays are so popular. The potential wins are massive as compared to single bets. However the likelihood of winning a SGP parlay is also much lower than a single bet, as all of your legs need to be correct. Typically a SGP is easier to predict than a standard parlay, as you only need to have detailed knowledge about 1 match, versus multiple matches.

Same Game Parlay guide

How to build your SGP

Firstly you should choose the match you want to bet on and build your SGP with. It should ideally be a match with teams that you have knowledge about and

What apps have same game parlay

Fanduel SGP

Fanduel were the first bookmaker to offer a same game parlay. On matches where SGP is available, you’ll find the Same Game Parlay option in the betslip. You then need to add the matches to the betslip you want in your SGP.

DraftKings SGP

DraftKings have launched their own version of the SGP, and they are offering a free $10 bet to try it.

Pointsbet SGP

Pointsbet actually refer to their Same Game Parlay as a Single Game Parlay, but it is the same thing. The great thing with Pointsbet is that they offer a Parlay booster once every 24hrs and you can use this on your SGP.

Does BetMGM have same game parlay

BetMGM have called their Same Game Parlay, their One Game Parlay. You can include up to 10 legs on your BetMGM One Game Parlay.

BetRivers SGP

Betrivers are the latest US Sportsbook to launch a Same Game Parlay, just in time for NFL season. Go to the match you want to bet on and simply select the “Same Game Parlay” option in the matchup page. It will then show you the options you can select to build your BetRivers SGP.

Barstool Sportsbook SGP

As Barstool sportsbook also use Kambi as their software provider (like BetRivers) the Same Game parlay is now also available on their mobile app.

Ceasars Sportsbook / Williamhill SGP

A new day, a new US Sportsbook launches a Same Game Parlay. This time around it is Ceasars Sportsbook / Willimhill US that have launched an SGP. You can find the SGP option at the top by any individual match.

Why can’t I parlay the same game

With a Same Game Parlay, not every game will have the option. It varies by sport, sportsbook and by match. The sportsbook needs to manage their risk and so that only make certain games available for Same game parlays. You will typically be alerted to the fact you can place a SGP on a match by an icon or alert on the betslip.

Why are Same Game Parlays so Popular

Same Game Parlays (SGP) have become increasingly popular every since Fanduel launched them. Parlays are very popular as they let you have the potential for a massive payout. But the one issue with Parlays is that you need to wait for all the matches to be resulted before knowing if your Parlay won or not. This is where SGP come in. By building a parlay on just one match, you get to focus on the match that you know the most about and feel the most confident about. It also means you just need to follow that one match and when it ends you’ll know if your Parlay came through or not.