Barstool Same Game Parlay

Bartool Sportsbook are launching in multiple States and changing the game when it comes to online sports betting. They provide decent odds, but their main selling point has so far been their pre-built Parlay picks, typically referred to as Can’t Lose Parlays. However, based on the massive success and popularity of the Fanduel Same Game Parlay, it looks like Barstool Sportsbook will be offering the same very soon. But what can we expect from it?

Today’s Barstool Sportsbook SGP

Of course the same game parlay from most sportsbooks is similar in that they let you build a parlay all around one main game. You can choose most markets, including moneyline, but most of the picks will be around player and game props. You can include the rushing yards, receiving yards, touchdown passes etc, and bundle these all up into a SGP. See also, Barstool Sportsbook locations, and See where you can bet with Barstool sportsbook. Take a look at our Parlay Calculator

Barstool Sportsbook Can’t Lose SGP

What we think we can expect from a sportsbook like Barstool, is for them to offer a Can’t Lose Same Game Parlay (SGP). Here they will will offer a pre-built SGP and promote it on their social media and site and encourage users to try take it.