FanDuel Same Game Parlay

Betting has always been a fun and at times, a lucrative adventure. The suspense the bettor feels as he awaits the outcome of the bet as well as the thrill that finally dawns upon the bettor after the bet pays out is incredible. To ensure that betting retains its fun factor at all times, numerous innovations have been developed and one of those is parlaying. Parlaying simply entails that winnings from an initial bet aren’t withdrawn instantly but are used for another gambling round. Parlaying has won many hearts of bettors as bettors stand to accrue successive wins from cumulative series of bets. Also take a look at Fanduel Same Game Parlay Plus

Today’s Fanduel SGP

As if parlaying on its own wasn’t enough, Fanduel recently introduced a creative type of parlaying by the name ‘Same Game Parlay’. Below, we are going to explain in detail what Same Game Parlay is as well as how it functions and the advantages it gives to the player. We often include the same matches for this in our Bet of the day.

What Same Game Parlay is all about?

Same Game Parlay is a bet option that allows players to place two (often linked) wagers on a single game. As the wagers are often related, it in turn means that the outcome of one wager increases the chances of the other wager to win also. Although Fanduel were the first to launch a SGP, other betting sites have followed suit:

To put the above into perspective, bettors are able to create a Same Game Parlay from a single match which includes:

Just as we can note from the above, the Same Game Parlay by its very nature will skew the odds in the bettor’s favour as winning a positive outcome from the first wager will in turn translate to increased chances of winning the second wager. To re-adjust the odds/house edge to the house, the odds are correlated to some degree thereby making the house edge to favour the house. Take a look at all of our Parlay Picks & Predictions for today

Understanding Correlated Odds

The aim of the house when it comes to betting is to make profits. As such, all of the offerings of a sportsbook have an edge which favours the house. Same Game Parlay by its very nature has odds that favour the bettor more than the house as a result of linked wagers. To rectify this, therefore, the house adjusts or correlates the odds to avoid an edge for the bettor.

Where to Place Same Game Parlay Bets

It’s no doubt that many bettors will be looking to try out this new betting market. For those who would love to do this, the only place that they can try out Same Game Parlay is if they visit Fanduel as it’s the only gambling site which offers the Same Game Parlay. The Same Game Parlay is open to most sports that are supported at Fanduel from the NFL to the NBA.

The only site that accepts Same Game Parlay bets at the moment is Fanduel. To place a bet, the first step is for the bettor to look for a match/game that he wants to bet on. Once done, he will be redirected to a page where all the betting markets for that selected match are. From here, the bettor will be able to opt for the Same Game Parlay bet and proceed to pick his preferred bet combination.

Once all is done, the bettor can wait for the match to start and afterwards, follow all the action live via the Fanduel ‘Live Bets’ section.

Why opt for Same Game Parlay

The prospect of placing two wagers on the same game and on the same betslip is appealing on its own. However, besides this, there are some other pull factors that attract bettors to Same Game Parlay.

  • Allows the bettor to apply his sports knowledge

There is nothing more satisfying than being able to use the knowledge that you possess. Doing so gives one the motivation to continue learning new stuff as he will know that the knowledge he acquires will be useful in future. When it comes to sports, there are undoubtedly lots of sports enthusiasts who know every little bit of detail about a sport and/or a particular team. If you are one such person, then the Same Game Parlay allows you to use your sports knowledge to stand a chance of scooping some big rewards.

  • An incredibly fun adventure

We have already stated that the fun factor is a major reason why bettors participate in sports betting. Well, when it comes to the Same Game Parlay, the fun is just doubled! There is nothing more exciting than watching your favourite NFL team play live while knowing that if anyone player scores a touchdown, your team is likely going to win and in turn, you will receives two payouts from a single staked bet.

  • Benefit more from a bonus bet

From time to time, gaming sites and affiliates tend to offer promotional perks sometimes even in the form of wagering money. If you happen to benefit from such a monetary promotional perk, what better way to use your bonus funds than to place a bet with two linked wagers at the same time.

Round Up

The Fanduel Same Game Parlay is a relatively new betting market. As a new betting market, not many bettors have had the opportunity to try it out. For those that would like to try it out, they can find some motivation from the Same Game Parlay advantages above. Of course, there is need to practice caution the first time by betting with low wagers.

Sports’ betting has been evolving and this has largely been necessitated by the impressive work of online bookmakers as well as software developers. One online bookmaker that has been putting in the work when it comes to making the life of punters quite simple and worthwhile is FanDuel. Just recently, FanDuel came with the FanDuel Same Game Parlay concept. This concept has been loved by many and in this article; we are going to explore more on this concept. 

What is the FanDuel Same Game Parlay?

In simple terms, the FanDuel Same Game Parlay is an innovative concept which allows punters to combine multiple bets from the same game in a single parlay. To better grasp the notion of the Same Game Parlay, its better if we make use of an example.

Suppose there is an upcoming English Premiership Match between Manchester United and Arsenal. An online bookmaker may come up with several betting markets all targeting the event from traditional betting markets such as Correct Score, Match Winner, Double Chance to prop markets such as the first player to score, the team to score the first goal and the total corner count in regulation time among others. As there are several betting markets offered for the same game, punters who choose to create a Same Game Parlay would be able to combine multiple bets and place them on a single parlay.

In practice, the punter may firstly predict the team to win the match (that is, use the 3-Way market), afterwards, the punter goes on to predict the win margin that the winning team will win by (that is, use the Correct Score market). The punter also goes on to pick other prop bets for instance pick the player to score the first goal and proceed to predict the total corner count in regulation time. Essentially, this would mean the punter has created a parlay with four bets all from the same match!

How to Place a Fanduel Same Game Parlay

  • The first step to placing a Same Game Parlay is to visit the Fanduel homepage. Punters simply have to make use of their web browsers to search for the FanDuel page (alternatively mobile users may download the official FanDuel app
  • Once on the homepage, punters can proceed to scroll through the upcoming matches/events
  • When the punter finds his preferred matchup, the next step is to click on the Same Game Parlay tab (this is located to the game start time on the left side)
  • Clicking on the Same Game Parlay tab will reveal all the betting markets offered for the match – the punter therefore has to select his preferred betting markets and proceed to create the Same Game Parlay

Fanduel Same Game Parlay Rules

There are a few important things to keep in mind when creating Same Game Parlay on Fanduel. Below, we share with you some of these:

  • It’s important to note that Same Game Parlays are not always offered on all games – for the ones that are, you will see (SGP) next to the game start time on the left
  • Same Game Parlays currently can only be created before matches commence, however, you can track how your bets are performing during the match when you head over to the ‘Live Bets’ tab
  • Results obtained during regulation time only are considered

Fanduel Same Game Parlay not working

There are numerous reasons why the SGP on Fanduel might not work. These can include:

  • Only select matches allow SGP, so check that there is the SGP icon
  • Not all markets are available so check you select only those that are
  • A match can not have started
  • You need to be registered with Fanduel and logged in
  • There could be a technical issue with the Fanduel SGP system, so check back later.