Fanduel’s Same Game Parlay Plus

Nearly two years after introducing the extremely successful “Same Game Parlay,” FanDuel launched the “Same Game Parlay Plus,” the next iteration of the concept. Bettors will be able to combine numerous Same Game Parlays from various opponents into a massive SGP+ with the new product. Individual plays from various bet kinds, games, and even sports can be included. 

Previously, individual wagers from different games or leagues could not be coupled with Same Game Parlays.

What is a Same Game Parlay?

It doesn’t matter if you call it a same-game, single-game, or one-game parlay; they’re all terms for a parlay that consists of interrelated wagers. Bettors can utilize parlays to connect various markets/props from the same game, often in the hopes of winning big. 

By correlated bets, we mean two or more wagers that are linked in such a way that the outcome of one of the wagers/legs affects the chance of the other leg winning. 

If Purdue is a 24-point favorite against Indiana in a college football game and the game total is 49.5, the game is more likely to go Over if Purdue wins by more than 24 points. 

The association between a football game’s score and player performance is a more evident example of a correlation. If you predict the New York Jets and the New York Giants will score more than 56 points, Daniel Jones and Zach Wilson are likely to put up huge numbers. If you prefer the Under on the point total, you’re banking that both quarterbacks are more likely to underperform their indicated predictions in their respective player props. 

Of course, hitting one leg does not guarantee that the other leg will also hit. There will be times when a player throws well over the yardage prop but his team doesn’t get close enough to the end zone to pay the Over on the total, and vice versa.

How is Fanduel’s Same Game Parlay Different?

FanDuel now allows you to take multiple games and create a Fanduel Same Game Parlay for each of them. You can now parlay that together with another Same Game Parlay and increase your potential. This is different from all other books as they do not allow you to parlay together Same Game Props.

How to Place a Same Game Parlay +

Like other parlays, FanDuel’s Same Game Parlay + is a high-risk, high-reward play that will be tough to profit from in the long run. However, if you’re out with friends on a Friday night with a ton of games on TV and want to add to the excitement by combining individual bets from different games or sports into one SGP+ stake with a potentially big reward, you may now do so. 

As is common with new products, betting advantages may be discovered when early hitches in the backend algorithms are ironed out. Motivational considerations can come into play, for example, near the end of the NFL regular season, when postseason seedings are set and coaches can rest or limit their starters. 

Let’s assume Team A wins the division title on the second-to-last Sunday of the season if their competitor Team B loses earlier in the day. Team B’s outcome (or their players’ performances) may have a correlation advantage over Team A’s following player performances. Normally, the results and performances of two separate games do not correlate, thus it’s probable that the new SGP+ algorithm will overlook these edge-cases. At the very least, it’s worth keeping an eye on if you ever want to try your hand at Same Game Parlay Plus betting.

As this has gotten rolled out there has been a lot of enthusiasm surrounding the new model for betting on games. As always, as the odds grow on parlays people are more likely to make more bets.