Bet of the Day

Are you looking for the Best Bet of the Day? You’ve come to the right place. We at provide daily bets and picks, for all matches.

Bet of the Day

What can you expect with our Best bet of the day

Each day our predictionEngine provides picks and predictions for all matches. These matches might not be being played today, but they are our best bet for today. These could be NFL computer picks for today, MLB or NBA. For our best bet for today, we will provide for all markets: moneyline, over/under and against the spread. You will also find the Parlay Picks for today, as well as our Same Game Parlay Picks for today.

Best Moneyline Bets of the day

Find the best Moneyline Bets for today. We initially will focus on NFL, but then expand into others. For every match today, or coming up in the next few days, get a moneyline prediction.

Best Bets against the Spread Bets for the day

Find the best Against the Spread bets for today, every day. Do you back the underdog or the favorite? See what our daily bets say.

Best Over/Under Bets for the day

Find the best over/under bets for today. Will the games be high scoring or boring? Will the players try put as many points on the scoreboard as possible or be happy with just a win?

Best Parlay Bets for the day

Find the best Parlay bets for today, along with Same Game Parlay for today. These take into account all the matches as well as our best, most probable markets (moneyline, over/under, spread), and combine them into a daiy parlay.

When does our Best Bet of the Day get announced

We provide this daily, so our bet of the day (BOTD) comes out every single day. Typically it is updated at around midnight for the next day but as matches take place these are removed to only display upcoming bets.

How often do we provide a Bet of the day provides our best bets of the day, every single day. If there are matches being played that day, we will provide them. IF there are no matches, or IF our predictions for the matches being played that day do not meet our BOTD criteria, we shift to the next day and display that day’s best bets.