Odds Boosts

Those who have placed or plan on using a mobile sportsbook have or will notice that each sportsbook offers unique ways to get bettors to use their platform over a competitor. Sometimes a sportsbook may offer multiple odds boost promotions that offer a better payout for the same amount of risks for certain bets.

Daily Odds Boosts

FanDuel NBA Odds Boosts (27 May)
Hulu NBA Boost – Jayson Tatum 25+ Points, Jaylen Brown to Make 2+ Threes, and Al Horford 6+ Rebounds (5/27). Was (+280) Now (+350)

FanDuel NHL Odds Boosts (26 May)
New York Rangers & Calgary Flames Both To Win (Both Must Play 5/26). Was (+280) Now (+350)

FanDuel UCL Super Boosts (25 May)
Liverpool to win the Champions League Final vs Real Madrid. (May 28th, Max Bet $50). Was (-160) Now (+100)

FanDuel NHL Odds Boosts (24 May)
New York Rangers & Edmonton Oilers Both To Win. Was (+250) Now (+330)

FanDuel NHL Odds Boosts (13 May)
New York Rangers & Calgary Flames Both To Win (Both Must Play 5/13). Was (+180) Now (+250)

FanDuel Soccer Odds Boosts (10 May)
Liverpool to Win v Aston Villa and 3+ Total Goals Scored in Match (5/10). Was (+105) Now (+130)

FanDuel MLB Odds Boosts
LA Dodgers & LA Angels Both To Win (Must Play, 5/10). Was (+180) Now (+230)

FanDuel NHL Odds Boosts (9 May 2022)
NY Rangers to Win & Over 5.5 Total Goals (OT Not included – Ties Lose, 5/9). Was (+290) Now (+390)

FanDuel NHL Odds Boosts (6 May 2022)
Tampa Bay Lightning to Win & Steven Stamkos to Score 1+ Total Goals (5/6). Was (+270) Now (+370)

FanDuel Soccer Odds Boosts (22 April 2022)
Tottenham To Win & Both Teams To Score (vs. Brentford, Must Play 4/23). Was (+270) Now (+350)

FanDuel PGA TOUR Odds Boosts (7 April)
PMI Super Boost – Tiger Woods to Shoot No Bogeys or Worse For His First 3 Holes of Round 1 of The Masters. Was (-150) Now (+100)
DraftKings MLB Odds Boosts
Sho Time: Shohei Ohtani to record 5+ strikeouts & hit a home run (4/7). Was (+600) Now (+700)

DraftKings NBA Odds Boosts (6 April)
The JAY-Team: Jayson Tatum & Jaylen Brown to combine for 80+ points, rebounds, & assists (4/6). Was (+130) Now (+150)
FanDuel MLB Odds Boosts
Blue Jays to Win the 2022 AL East (Max Bet $50) Was (+170) Now (+250)
FanDuel NHL Odds Boosts
Toronto Maple Leafs to Win the 2021-22 Eastern Conference (Max Bet $25) Was (+700) Now (+1000)

World Cup Super Boost
Canada to Qualify from Group F (Max Bet $50) Was (+280) Now (+500)

DraftKings NBA Odds Boosts (5 April)
FR34K: Giannis Antetokounmpo to score 34+ points (4/5). Was (+140) Now (+160)

DraftKings NBA Odds Boost (4 April)
On Point: Brayden Point to record 2+ points (4/4) Was (+220), Now (+265)

The phrase odds boost was first introduced in the United States by multiple sportsbook operators in New Jersey after the sports betting industry became legal. Before then, illegal sportsbooks never used odds boosts in the United States.

Parlay Odds Boosts

Parlay boosts are exactly the same as odds boosts. Except they work specifically on parlays. They can be for certain parlays, or parlays in general, such as having a certain number of legs.

How Odds Boost Work And Why Sportsbooks Offer Them

Some sportsbooks offer odds boost daily on different sporting events throughout the day. Users of a mobile platform will certainly not become rich by betting on a single promotion because operators most likely will place a wager limit on each one they offer.

Odds boosts will increase the bettors’ profit margin by anywhere between 10-40 percent. Occasionally sportsbooks may offer even more enhanced odds to make it more interesting. Bookmarkers can offer a wide range of odds boosts from single plays, a series of plays, player props, points spreads, and many others.

An odds boost is geared towards favoring the bettor, which is a well-known marketing strategy. Some may wonder why these reputable operators want to do this, and many bettors question if it’s a scam. 

To put this simply, these companies want people to use their products. More engagement means users will use this sportsbook more than their competitors. Those interested in these types of promotions should log in occasionally throughout the day to see if there are any more odd boosts updates.

Most sportsbooks usually have a section on their specific section dedicated to these types of boosts. If not, sportsbooks usually have advertisements on the homepage of their platform or send multiple notifications throughout the day before the event begins. 

Are Odds Boosts Profitable or Worth it?

Who doesn’t want to win more money? That’s an easy one, but the real question is, “are sportsbooks profitable or worth it for the users?” The answer would be a yes and a no. The reason is there is a wagering limit, offer underdogs as a promotion, or a mixture of both favorites and underdogs.

 It’s important to note that an odds boost parlay on a Moneyline or parlay doesn’t increase one’s actual chance of winning, it would just increase the profit. Sportsbooks usually list what the previous odds were, and what it would be with the boost applied. 

It wouldn’t be smart for bettors to place wagers on every single odds boost, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take one once and a while. With any bet, bettors must do their homework and trust their gut before making their decision.

Some of the sportsbooks that offer daily odds boost are BetMGM, Caesars, DraftKings, FanDuel, PointsBet, and many others.

Odds boosts are also big during important events throughout the year like the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, World Series, Stanley Cup, and others. Odds boosts are usually geared towards recreational bettors as these users may bet sporadically throughout a given week.