MLB Computer Picks

What are MLB Computer Picks

Before placing bets with Sportsbooks, people prefer to gather as much data as possible. This ensures that they make the best possible prediction on the match they want to bet on. Our MLB picks, are MLB computer picks. Computer Picks are predictions made by using a computer algorithm and database, VS a prediction made by using a person’s subjective opinion.

How do we calculate our MLB Computer Picks

In order to calculate our MLB Computer Picks, we need (1) a database, and (2) a prediction algorithm. Our database contains the historical match performance of hundreds of MLB matches, team performance and player performance. We track and record all activity.
Our MLB prediction algorithm has been continuously improving over the past 5 years and gets better with each prediction it makes. We assign different weightings to different variables and these all play a part in determining the most accurate MLB computer pick we can make.

Should you use MLB Computer Picks & Predictions

The question is always, which is better? MLB Computer picks or human, subjective picks? We of course prefer computer picks as they are based on hard data, they enable thousands of predictions to be made in seconds, update immediately when new information becomes available, and are devoid of subjective bias. However, if you are not sure about them, what you can still do is to use the data provided and then make up your own mind about the predictions you will be making.