Computer Picks

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We at, have a deliberate focus and specialize in Computer Picks. We specialize in NBA computer Picks, NFL computer Picks, NCAAB Computer picks, etc. We love computer picks as they enable increased picks to be generated, for multiple sports, hundreds of matches, almost instantaneously. This is something that would be impossible if manually calculating picks.

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What are Computer Picks

Firstly its important to understand what computer picks are and how they work. Computer picks are, at their most basic, match picks/predictions that are generated automatically by a computer. A computer of course simply does what it is programmed to do, so the computer generated picks and the quality of them, are determined by two aspects: data and algorithm.

Historical Match Data

What is vital to appreciate with computer picks, is that the data that they are based on is the most important aspect. If that data is wrong or not maintained, then everything stemming from it will be incorrect. uses both historical, recently past as well as live data in our database. The historical data includes data regarding team performance in a league, team performance relative to other teams, head-to-head match up data, player performance, home/away performance etc. All of this data is collected, collated and stored.

Computer Pick Algorithm

We then developed our own prediction algorithm. It has been adjusted for the various sports and we focus on providing picks for against the spread, over/under and moneyline. We believe these three represent the most popular betting markets, as well enable players to make inferences about other market predictions from them. We also provide SGP computer picks and Parlay Computer Picks.
Our algorithm takes into account multiple variables, assigns weighting to them, and then produces a computer prediction based on the match data provided. Take a look here to learn how to make computer picks.

Pros of Computer Picks

Why should you use computer picks and what makes them superior to manual predictions (computer vs manual picks). If you are only interested in betting on one match and one market, then it might make sense to use a service that provides manual predictions. However, if you will be betting on multiple matches, multiple sports and multiple markets, including same game parlays, then you can only really use computer picks. Only they can generate the volume of predictions needed, based on the sheer number of teams and matches taking place. Computer picks are:

  • Generated faster
  • Can react or change quicker based on new data
  • Can be generated for thousands of matches
  • Not subjective and based purely on data

Computer Picks FAQ

How often do you provide computer picks?
We provide our picks daily, every day, 365 days a year.

Which sports do you provide computer picks for?
We provide for the main US Sports, NBA, NFL, NCAAB, NCAAF and NHL.

How many computer picks per day do you provide?
It really depends on the number of matches, can be be up to 100

Which betting markets are your computer picks for?
We provide picks for moneyline, over/under, against the spread, parlay and single game parlay