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Here you will find all of our NFL Computer Picks and Predictions, for all upcoming NFL matches and the three most popular markets, being Moneyline, Over/Under and Against the Spread.

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Today’s NFL Computer Picks

What are NFL Computer Picks

Computer Picks, or Computer Predictions are selections of who might win the NFL match, made by a computer algorithm. As there is so much NFL data readily available, it makes accessing team and player historical performance much easier and this data is used to lay the foundation for NFL computer picks. The data is typically put through an algorithm or equation to determine which results(s) are most probable, and these are then presented as the Picks from the Computer. Not sure you want these, be sure to take a look at our Best bets today.

How do we calculate our NFL Computer Picks

Each NFL prediction site will have their own algorithm ad way of calculating results. We have ours, which we have developed over the past 3 years. It enables us to take vast amounts or raw data for NFL teams and Players, assign weighting/importance to those variables we feel are most important, and then run game simulations. Our predictionEngine runs thousands of simulations for each match, and determines which is the most probable outcome for them. It then provides for each Computer Pick, the Moneyline prediction, Over/Under prediction and Against the Spread Prediction. See all computer picks

Moneyline NFL Computer Picks

This is arguably the most popular NFL Betting market, as it is the simplest to understand and bet on. You simply need to bet on which team will win the match. Our computer picks start with the moneyline prediction and make a prediction on which team it believes will win the match. It does this for every NFL match in the season. For each match you will see we will say Team XX will win the match. That is the moneyline pick.

Over/Under NFL Computer Picks

The second most popular bet type is the over/under. Here our Computer Picks predict whether the total points scored, at the end of the match will be over or under the amount designated by the sportsbooks. Over/under refers to if you take the total score of each team at the final whistle and add the together. Will they be above or below what the bookmakers are saying. as our NFL computer picks calculates the final scores, it can also make this Over/Under Computer Pick.

Against the Spread NFL Computer Picks

The third most popular bet type is against the spread. This market is where you need to choose whether the winning team, the favorite, will win AND win by the handicap or spread, presented by the sportsbooks. For example, if a favorite is +1.5, then they need to win by at least 2 points in order for you to win the spread bet. Our computer picks makes against the spread predictions for all NFL matches.

Should you use Computer Picks & Predictions

So, why should you use our NFL Computer Picks & Predictions? There are a number of reasons.
Computer Picks are unbiased and non-emotional. The predictions are made based on factual data and simulations. It is purely based on numbers.
Computer Picks are fast. Although the data is vast, the predictionEngine can run multiple match simulations concurrently, meaning that we are able to provide picks and predictions for all matches, be them NFL Picks for today, tomorrow, or only Sunday Night Football Predictions.
It also means we can respond to new data and team or player changes near instantly as these simulations may have already been run.