NHL Computer Picks

What are NHL Computer Picks

NHL computer picks, are picks and predictions for NHL matches, made by a computer. More specifically, made by the algorithm within a computer. The way this is done, is it all starts with the core NHL historical data. We use thousands of match data, team data and player data. This helps guide the algorithm to know how certain teams perform against each other, and how certain players perform relative to the teams they are playing against. This data is then pushed through our prediction computer which then provides the picks, based on moneyline, over/under and spread picks. See all computer picks

How do we calculate our NHL Computer Picks

The computer picks for NHL are as a result of both the historical data and our AI prediction engine. By harnessing all the historically data, we have a firm record of how teams have historically performed. Although historically behavior isn’t always the best predictor of future behavior, it is a very useful metric. We then use this to guide the AI when making predictions. This enables the NHL computer picks to take into account current performance of each team, players, and how they should perform in the next match-up. When we provide these NHL picks, we also use them to build up our free Parlay picks and predictions and single-game parlays.

Moneyline NHL Computer Picks

These are our most popular NHL computer picks. Moneyline is the simplest betting market to bet on and also the most popular betting market. You need to simply choose which team you think will win the match outright. All of our NHL predictions make moneyline picks as the first option.

Over/Under NHL Computer Picks

Over/Under Picks are a fun alternative to the Moneyline picks. For this betting market, you need to predict whether the end full-time score will be above or below the score option presented by the betting site.

Against the Spread NHL Computer Picks

Finally, Against the Spread, is another very popular betting market for NHL computer predictions. Bookmakers try and balance their books and they do this by trying to get people to bet on both sides of the field. In order to incentivize people to bet on the underdog, they give the underdog a little handicap, and this is called the spread.

Should you use NHL Computer Picks & Predictions

Computer picks have a number of benefits over manual picks. Firstly, it is important to remember that although a computer database is making the predictions, they were initially designed by a human. The benefits include that the predictions will be quicker, there is nothing subjective about them and they can be made for thousands of matches, simultaneously.