Barstool Can’t Lose Parlay Picks

For better or worse, Barstool Sports has become a major voice in the sports gambling industry, with their personalities churning out sports betting content on a regular basis. One such piece of content is the Can’t Lose Parlay, a parlay wager curated by one of the biggest names in the Barstool Universe.

What is the Can’t Lose Parlay?

The Can’t Lose Parlay is a parlay bet that is put together on a regular basis by Dan Katz, or Big Cat, of the Pardon My Take podcast. This parlay actually can lose and regularly does but is a popular entertainment staple within Barstool’s sports gambling content offerings. Either way, this parlay is regularly promoted on the Barstool Sportsbook and through their social media channels. See also, Barstool Sportsbook locations and See where you can bet with Barstool sportsbook.

The contents of this parlay vary depending on what is going on in sports at any given time. During football season, pro and college football tend to be the focus of this parlay. But during the rest of the season, bettors could find things like pro and college basketball, baseball, and some more obscure offerings tacked on in order to keep the parlay around as a recurring bit.

Where to Find the Can’t Lose Parlay

Bettors who want to wager on the Can’t Lose Parlay are able to do so at Barstool Sportsbook without having to find the individual legs of the parlay itself. This is because Barstool regularly puts together parlays and odds boosts that their personalities recommend in a special section of the site. And while it might not be the smartest investment to back this bet, those who want to are able to do so most easily at Barstool Sportsbook.

For bettors who do not have access to Barstool Sportsbook, they can follow Katz on social media, where he regularly promotes his Can’t Lose Parlay. From there, bettors are able to go to their preferred sportsbook and can add the individual legs to a parlay wager of their own. This could be the better way to go about placing the bet in the long run, as Barstool’s odds can lag behind other sites in some areas.

The Truth About Barstool and Parlays

It is worth noting when discussing the Can’t Lose Parlay that parlay bets, in general, are not a sound investment. Parlays require multiple outcomes to pan out in order for bettors to place a winning wager, which is more difficult to do correctly than simply picking one winner at a time. While getting involved with the popular lifestyle brand known as Barstool Sports can be appealing to some bettors, this is not a strategy that will yield profits in the long run.

It should also be pointed out that Barstool does indeed operate a sportsbook, which bettors should take into account when placing any bets recommended by their personalities. It is in the best interest of Barstool Sports, and therefore its employees when their sportsbook makes money. And while some of their gambling personalities may, in fact, be trying to win bettors some cash, recommending parlays or odds boosts that may seem like a trap are not the way for bettors to make that money.