Texas Rangers vs Cleveland Guardians Same Game Parlay for Monday June 6 2022

The series between the Texas Rangers and Cleveland Guardians will begin today. The Rangers, currently 25-28, are coming off a series loss to the Seattle Mariners. Still under .500 this season, the Rangers need to find a way to get a few wins under their belt.

Unfortunately, they’re playing a pretty tough team in the Cleveland Guardians. However, the Rangers have a few advantages.

The Cleveland Guardians, who are 24-25, have won four of their last five games. With things looking up for the Guardians, they can begin to work towards getting over .500.

Today, they’ll have the chance to even up their record with a win over the Rangers. Cleveland comes in as narrow favorites in this game, which is no surprise. The question is, will they come out on top especially as we have this in our MLB Computer picks.

Texas Rangers vs. Cleveland Guardians Game Preview

The Rangers have done a few things pretty well this season. For example, they have a slight edge over the Guardians in terms of runs this season.

On the mound tonight is Jon Gray, who has a record of 1-2 this season. Gray also has an ERA of 4.83, which hurts the Rangers’ chances of winning this game. As a team, Texas has a batting average of .231.

The Cleveland Guardians have the edge over the Rangers in a few categories. Obviously, they have an edge in terms of recent wins and momentum.

They also lead them in team batting average at .245. Getting the starting nod as the pitcher tonight is Cal Quantrill, who has a slightly better record than Gray. Quantrill is 2-3 this season with an ERA of 3.52.

Moneyline: Cleveland Guardians -110

Interestingly enough, this game is almost even in terms of the Moneyline. At the moment, the Guardians have the edge at -110; however, the Rangers are -106. Although the better odds are with the Rangers, the Guardians are more likely to win this one.

They’ve got the better pitcher on the mound and better batters. They also have a ton of momentum heading into this game.

The Total: Under 9 Runs (-110)

This one is kind of a tough game to call in terms of how many runs will be scored. Each of these teams has been known to put up quite a bit of runs. However, with Quantrill on the mound, we think the Rangers will have trouble scoring.

We think most of the runs will be scored by the Guardians. Still, we think this game will end somewhere around 5-3 in favor of Cleveland.

To Record 2+ Hits: Jose Ramirez (+190)

This is a great pick to tack on to your ticket if you’re looking to get better odds. Jose Ramirez leads the Cleveland Guardians in nearly every batting category.

At the plate, he has a batting average of .291 and has put up 14 home runs this year. You can also add his RBI bet at +110, considering he’s hit 53 already this season. 

Cal Quantrill Strikeouts: 4+ Strikeouts (-290)

Quantrill hasn’t thrown many strikeouts this season, but this could be a good night for him. The Rangers batters have struggled lately, and Quantrill has already thrown 33 this season. He should be able to put up at least four strikeouts in this one.

San Francisco Giants vs Miami Marlins June 3 2022 Same Game Parlay

Today, we’ll take a look at the game between the San Francisco Giants and Miami Marlins. The Giants, with a record of 27-23, have already lost to the Marlins in this series.

In fact, the Giants have lost their last two games of the season. The good news for Giants fans is that they won the three games prior to that. We’ll have to see how strong they come out in tonight’s game.

The Miami Marlins have a record of 21-28 this season but have won just two of their last five games. Sure, Miami got a win over the Giants yesterday, but can they do it again?

They have a slight edge over the Giants in terms of batting, but pitching goes to the Giants. This should be an interesting game to watch which is why we’re going to build our single-game parlay around it, but it will also be in our bet of the day and MLB Computer picks.

San Francisco Giants vs. Miami Marlins Game Preview

The San Francisco Giants will send out the 3-2 Alex Cobb in tonight’s game. Cobb has thrown 47 strikeouts in 37.2 innings.

With this kind of efficiency, Cobb definitely has an advantage over the batters of the Marlins. The question is, can the Giants actually put some runs up tonight.

In yesterday’s game, the Giants were shut out 3-0. They can’t allow that to happen again.

The Miami Marlins will start the 2-5 Elieser Hernandez, one of their worst pitchers. Hernandez has an ERA of 5.77, which isn’t much worse than Cobb.

However, he lacks the number of strikeouts that Cobb has put up. As we mentioned above, the Marlins have a slight edge in terms of batting averages. As a team, the Giants are batting .246 compared to the Giants’ .243.

Moneyline: San Francisco Giants (-154)

It might seem strange to take the Giants after they were just beaten 3-0. However, our reason for this is solely due to Alex Cobb. We believe that Cobb will have a remarkable game tonight and keep the runs low.

We also think that Hernandez will give up quite a few runs before the Marlins go to the bullpen. With that being said, the best bet in this one is taking the Giants -154.

The Total: Under 8 Runs (-114)

This pick was slightly hard to decide, considering the pitcher for the Marlins.

We could see the Giants putting up as many as six runs on their own tonight. However, with recent performances from the Giants, we’re leaning towards the under.

We believe the final score of this game will be Giants 4 to the Marlins 2. This would put our total slightly under and netting us a win as well.

To Record an RBI – Jazz Chisholm (+200)

This is a great pick to tack onto your single-game parlay.

Not only does Chisholm lead the team in RBIs, he’s also got a strong batting average at .268. He’s also hit eight home runs this season, so if you want to add that on you could.

At the moment, Chisholm is +660 to hit a home run against the Giants tonight. He’s a switch-hitter, which makes it even more likely.

Atlanta Braves vs Arizona Diamondbacks June 1 2022 Same Game Parlay

The series between the Atlanta Braves and Arizona Diamondbacks is turning out to be an interesting one. Through the first two games of the series, the Braves have lost twice.

In each of the first two games, the Braves were favored to win. Now, after losing two straight games, they still come in as the favorite. The question is, can they actually win this game tonight which is in our Bet of the day.

The Arizona Diamondbacks have played much better than they have in recent games. With these two wins, they’ve increased their record this season to 25-26.

With only a game away from being .500, the Diamondbacks will try to secure another win. Playing at home has given them a big advantage in this series.

We’ll have to wait and see if it’ll be enough for another win.

Atlanta Braves vs. Arizona Diamondbacks Game Preview

The Atlanta Braves are among one of the better teams in Major League Baseball. However, these recent losses are bringing a lot of their talent into question.

Yesterday, they lost 8-7 to the Diamondbacks and had the advantage in pitching. Today, the 4-3 Kyle Wright will get the start on the mound. Wright has an ERA of 2.68 this season after pitching 53.2 innings.

For the Diamondbacks, Madison Bumgarner will get the start. Bumgarner has a 2-3 record, is an LHP, and has an ERA of 3.35. With Wright having a better ERA and record, the Braves have the advantage in terms of pitching again.

However, that didn’t help them much in yesterday’s game as they allowed eight runs. So, between these two teams, who’s the better pick today?

Moneyline: Atlanta Braves -158

We know how strange it sounds to take the team that has lost two games in a row. However, the Braves are a much better team than the Diamondbacks.

In terms of team batting average, the Braves have a .235 compared to Arizona’s .220. The Braves also have an advantage on the mound today. It could be a close one, but we’ll take the Braves to win this one tonight.

The Total: Under 9 Runs -120

This is another tough one to call, but we’d rather take the under than the over. Yesterday’s game when the Diamondbacks scored eight runs was an isolated incident.

We don’t expect either team to have a strong offensive showing tonight. Instead, we think the total will stay under nine runs, and the Braves will win by two. 

To Record A Hit: Dansby Swanson -280

Swanson, the shortstop for the Atlanta Braves, also leads the team in batting average. Swanson has a batting average of .267 and an on-base percentage of .330.

Against Bumgarner, Swanson should be able to record a hit in the early innings. You could also take him +400 to hit a home run today; he’s hit six so far this season. 

Kyle Wright 4+ Strikeouts -410

We know the odds on this one are pretty heavy, but it’s close to a guaranteed thing. Through this season, Wright has thrown 61 strikeouts in 53.2 innings. He should be able to net at least four strikeouts.

You could bump it up to 6+ strikeouts and take the +122 odds if you’d like. However, we’ll stick with the 4+ strikeouts this time.

Milwaukee Brewers vs Chicago Cubs May 30 2022 Same Game Parlay

After ending their series against the St. Louis Cardinals with a win, the Brewers head to face the Cubs. Milwaukee has a record of 30-18 at the moment; however, they had a tough time with the Cardinals.

The Cubs may not be a great team, but they have a few good hitters that could give the Brewers trouble. Today, we’re going to see what the Brewers can bring to this game.

The Chicago Cubs brought their series with the Chicago Red Sox to a close yesterday. The Cubs were able to split the series but lost the most recent game.

Through their last five games, the Cubs have lost three of them. With a 19-27 record this season, the Cubs need to kick it into gear if they want to be competitive. Now, let’s build out a single-game parlay for tonight’s match.

Milwaukee Brewers vs. Chicago Cubs Game Preview

The Brewers find themselves in what could be a massive upset if they lose. At the moment, the Brewers are -120 tonight, not a very large Moneyline spread.

After their 8-0 win over the St. Louis Cardinals, the Brewers has momentum on their side. However, there is one major area that concerns us. The 0-3 Aaron Ashby will make the start for the Brewers in tonight’s game.

The Cubs aren’t sending out their best pitcher either; the 2-5 Drew Smyly will get the start. Smyly has a much worse ERA than Ashby as well, at 4.08. These teams are nearly identical when it comes to batting.

The Brewers have a team batting average of .237, and the Cubs have a .233. So, the question is, which of these pitchers has a better chance of winning this game?

Moneyline: Chicago Cubs +102

This was a tough one to call, especially with the Brewers’ recent win over the Cardinals. The reason why we’re going to go with the Cubs is how much the Brewers have been on the road.

This will be Milwaukee’s eighth straight game on the road, and traveling can take a lot of a team. The Cubs, on the other hand, is returning home for the first time in six games.

The Total: Under 11 Runs

We don’t expect this one to be a high-scoring game, even though each team has good batters. The reason why we don’t expect many runs is because of the pitchers.

Sure, Ashby is 0-3 this season, but he has an ERA of 2.91 over the course of 34 innings. Smyly doesn’t have a great record either, but he can limit the effectiveness of the Brewers batters.

To Record a Run: Christian Yelich -145

Of the Brewers that we believe will get a run today, the most likely is Christian Yelich. Yelich gets on base a lot and has scored 29 runs this season.

He’s also hit five home runs and should do well against the LHP Drew Smyly. He’s had a tough go at the plate over the last five games. However, we think he’ll pull himself out of his slump tonight. 

To Hit a Home Run: Patrick Wisdom +360

Wisdom is the leading home run hitter for the Chicago Cubs after hitting ten so far this season. Going against Ashby should be a good chance for him to hit one out of the park tonight.

The odds here also will give you a solid boost to your single-game parlay. Wisdom has a low batting average at home but has hit six of his ten home runs at home as well.

Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat May 25 2022 Same Game Parlay

The Eastern Conference Finals continue today, with the Celtics facing the Heat. At the moment, the series is tied 2-2, with Boston winning the most recent game. Take a look at all of our NBA Computer Picks.

Now, away from their home court, they’ll have to head to Miami to face the Heat. Remember, Miami is where the series started, and Boston secured a big win on the road. They’ll look to do the same again today.

The Miami Heat are hoping to use some home-court advantage tonight. After their Game 4 loss, it’s back to the drawing board for the Miami Heat. This game is a vital one for Miami. If Boston wins, it will force a Game 7.

However, if they win, they’ll put Miami on the brink of elimination. A few injuries could impact the game tonight. So, let’s see if we can build a single-game parlay.

Boston Celtics at Miami Heat Game Preview

Throughout this series, the Celtics’ defense has been on full display. Through the first four games, they’ve allowed the Miami Heat to score only 102.75 points per game.

With a defense this tough, it’s no surprise that the Celtics were able to tie up the series. The question is, can this defense secure them a win on the road tonight? Or will they have to rely on offense?

The Miami Heat have had a tough time on both sides of the ball. In Game 4, they put up only 82 points, a poor display offensively. Tonight, they can’t afford such an awful offensive game.

They have a ton of players listed as questionable for tonight’s game. One of these players is PG Kyle Lowry, who is intrinsic to the Heat’s defense. So, which of these teams is the better pick tonight?

Against the Spread: Boston Celtics -1.5

Although the Heat is playing at home, we think Boston is a much better pick tonight. The Celtics’ defense has been nearly impenetrable, which will lead them to victory tonight.

Jayson Tatum has also been really consistent this series, putting up 31 points in Game 4. With the injuries to Miami piling up, we think the Celtics will get the lead in this series tonight.

The Total: OVER 203.5

This is kind of a tough one to take, considering how each team has performed. On the surface, the under might seem like the better bet.

However, the total has gone over in 5 of Boston’s last seven games when playing on the road against Miami. Keeping this in mind, we’ll take the over. It also helps that the total has been set so low because of previous performances.

To Score 15+ Points: Bam Adebayo -164

We’re going to take a player from the Miami Heat for this one. Adebayo has proven himself to be a strong interior player and a great scorer.

Through his last ten games, Adebayo has averaged 19.2 points per game. In Game 3, Adebayo led the Miami Heat with 31 points. With a few interior players questionable for Boston, we’ll take Adebayo to score over 15 points.

Win Margin: Boston Celtics (1-10) +180

We don’t think this game will be a blowout like Game 4 was. This will likely only be decided by five to ten points.

Because of this, we’ll add the win margin bet to our single-game parlay. The Celtics have the offense to stay in front of Miami and the defense to finish the game strong.

Miami Heat at Boston Celtics May 23 2022 Same Game Parlay

Game 4 between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics is upon us. At the moment, the Miami Heat lead the series 2-1 after winning Game 3, 109-103.

Their defense proved too tough for the Celtics to overcome, who are now down a game. The Heat have to play another game in Boston before they can return home to Miami. Can they secure another win on the road tonight?

The Boston Celtics frankly can’t afford to lose tonight’s game, which is in our bet of the day. If they do, they’ll be down 3-1 in the series and have to head back to Miami.

However, winning this game over the Heat is a lot easier said than done. Boston’s offense needs to get back to what they do best, and the defense needs to step up too. Let’s take a look at the game and build out our single-game parlay.

Miami Heat at Boston Celtics Preview

The Miami Heat have limited the Boston Celtics to an average of 112.33 points per game. Although this is a lot of points, most of them are from the Game 2 loss the Heat suffered.

Through their two wins, the Celtics have scored just 105 points per game. Miami has played really strong defensively, but their offense has also been quite the shock.

The Boston Celtics have started off this series as a bit of a disappointment. They played really well in their series against the Bucks but can’t seem to figure out Miami. They’ve allowed Miami to score 109.6 points per game.

It might not seem like a lot, but Miami has won games because of this offense. Tonight, the Celtics need to somehow limit the effectiveness of Miami’s offense.

Against the Spread: Miami Heat +7

The Heat come in as massive underdogs tonight, even though they lead the series. Now, this could be because the injury list is pretty long, but it’s the same for the Celtics.

In fact, there’s a chance that Kyle Lowry could return for the Miami Heat tonight. If Lowry returns, the Heat will have a much better chance of winning this game. The best pick here is taking Miami +7.

The Total: Over 207.5

Through the start of this series, all three games have gone over the total. We don’t expect that to change tonight. In fact, if you look at Miami’s last six games, you’ll see the total has gone over four times.

When playing on the road against Boston, the total has gone over five out of six times for Miami. The total is also set pretty low here, so we’ll definitely take the over tonight.

Win Margin: Boston Celtics (1-10) +170

Although we think the Miami Heat will cover the spread, we believe Boston will win the game. Keep in mind that we don’t think Boston will cover the seven points needed.

We believe this game will be pretty close, with Boston winning by five. They understand the importance of this game, so we’ll take Boston on the win margin.

Player Points: Jayson Tatum OVER 27.5 Points -108

The key player in tonight’s game will no doubt be Jayson Tatum. He’s the driving force behind the Celtics’ offense and has averaged 26.9 points per game.

He is dealing with a bit of an injury so keep that in mind before you add this bet. We think he’ll play through it and go over 27.5 points.

Dallas Mavericks vs Golden State Warriors May 20 2022 Same Game Parlay

It’s time for Game 2 between the Dallas Mavericks and Golden State Warriors. The first game of this series didn’t go in the Mavericks’ favor. Currently down 0-1 in the series, they’ll look to climb back into it tonight in our NBA computer predictions.

However, the first thing they’ll need to do is find a way to create offense. If they don’t, they’ll find themselves in a similar position as they were in Game 1.

The Golden State Warriors game plan was very well thought out in Game 1. The first thing they did was target Luka Doncic, the Mavericks’ best player. Once Doncic became a non-factor, the Warriors were easily able to overwhelm the Mavericks.

Tonight, the game plan is likely very similar for the Warriors. Let’s build out a single-game parlay for the Western Conference Finals.

Dallas Mavericks at Golden State Warriors Preview

The Mavericks are known for their stingy defense, but it didn’t show up in Game 1. For the first game of this series, Dallas allowed 112 points while scoring just 87. In that game, Doncic scored just 20 points, shooting 6 for 18.

For the Mavericks to win tonight’s game, they’ll need to do much better on offense. Someone other than Doncic needs to play a much larger role.

The Warriors put up 112 points against a defense that shut down the Phoenix Suns. How they did this was by stretching the court and using their bench effectively.

Jordan Poole had 19 points coming off the bench in Game 1; Otto Porter Jr. added 10. The Warriors limited the Mavericks’ Dorian Finney-Smith to just five points. Dwight Powell, the starting center, had just three points. We have also put this in our Bet of the day.

Against the Spread: Golden State Warriors -6

This spread is a little too large for us, but we have to take the Warriors here. Game 1 showed us that the Warriors don’t just have a strong offense but defense as well.

With how they shut down Doncic and the rest of the Mavericks offense, the Warriors should cover. Tim Hardaway Jr. is also out for the Mavericks; this leaves them without another scorer.

The Total: UNDER 214

We’re going to stick with the under here because we know what each of these defenses can do. Game 1 of this series stayed under the 216.5 total.

Although the total has been reduced here, we still believe the total will stay under.

In five of Dallas’ last six games, the total has gone under. The Warriors have a similar streak, with four of their last six games going under as well.

To Score 15+ Points: Spencer Dinwiddie +154

Dinwiddie has clearly emerged as a scorer for the Dallas Mavericks. In Game 1 of the series, he put up 17 points against the Warriors.

Considering he’ll be playing a more significant role in the offense, we’ll add this pick as well. If you’d like to get risky, you could take Dinwiddie to score 20 points which have +630 odds.

Player Points: Luka Doncic UNDER (31.5) -108

We don’t see Doncic being able to put a strong game together against the Warriors.

His last game ended in a 20-point outing, something we expect to see again. Until someone else on the Mavericks gives the Warriors trouble, Doncic will be their focal point.

With that much attention on defense, it’ll be hard for him to go over 31.5.

Dallas Mavericks vs Golden State Warriors May 18 2022 Same Game Parlay

It’s Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, and the Mavericks are set to face the Warriors. Dallas, fresh off of their series win over the Phoenix Suns, didn’t get much rest in between games.

They’ll hope that their tough defense can limit the Warriors’ offense tonight. However, they’ll need much more help from their offense, including their bench players, to win this game. 

The Golden State Warriors beat the Memphis Grizzlies within six games. They’ve had a bit more time to rest but will still be without Gary Payton II. Offense has always been the focal point for Golden State.

However, during this series, they’ll need to find ways to protect the basket from Luka Doncic. Let’s take a look at each team and see which of them is the better bet tonight. This will be in our Computer Picks for NBA and Same game parlay.

Dallas Mavericks at Golden State Warriors Preview

With Luka Doncic and the Mavericks’ defense, they’re in good shape for this series. However, the question is, will their defense be good enough to stop the Warriors? Golden State averages 111.38 points per game, ranking 14th in the NBA.

The Mavericks, on the other hand, rank 25th overall, averaging 107.62. With such a low-scoring offense, the Mavericks could be in trouble.

The Warriors still have to worry about Doncic and the Mavericks, though. Through their last two games against the Suns, the Mavericks put up 113 and 123 points.

A player besides Doncic that the Warriors should pay close attention to is Spencer Dinwiddie. Dinwiddie averaged 20.5 points against the Warriors and 13.7 points through the season. 

Against the Spread: Golden State Warriors -5

This is a tough bet because the spread is slightly larger than we would like it to be. However, with the Warriors at home and their ability to score, we have to take it.

The Mavericks could keep this game close to start it out, but we think the Warriors will open a gap. They’re the fourth-best shooting team from the three-point line in the NBA; we think they should cover.

The Total: OVER 214.5

Another interesting choice as the Mavericks is notorious for going under the spread. However, the Golden State Warriors are known for the opposite. When you look at the last three games between these teams, you’ll notice the over has hit twice.

It would seem that although the Mavericks’ defense is tough, the Warriors’ offense is tougher. Take the over in tonight’s game.

To Score 15+ Points: Spencer Dinwiddie (+215)

We actually like this pick a lot considering what Dinwiddie has done this season. In two games versus Golden State, Dinwiddie averaged 20.5 points. This is usually because he’s coming in off the bench and could easily be a starter.

The matchups for him are perfect today, especially to score just 15 points. Against the Phoenix Suns in Game 7, Dinwiddie put up 30 points.

Win Margin: Golden State Warriors 1-10 (+170)

As we mentioned, the Warriors should cover the five-point spread tonight. Still, we don’t see them beating the Warriors by more than ten points. Adding this win margin pick also gets you another +170 at the sportsbook.

Detroit Tigers at Tampa Bay Rays May 16 2022 Same Game Parlay

With both the NHL and NBA having the day off today, we’re going to take a look at an MLB game. The Detroit Tigers, currently 12-23, head to Tampa Bay to face the Rays. Although their record isn’t very impressive, they’ve won their last three games. These will be in our MLB Computer Picks and our Bet of the Day.

Beating the Orioles Orioles in a three-game series is an impressive feat. The question is, can they kick this series off with a win?

The Tampa Bay Rays are 21-14, ranking second in the AL East. The Tigers may seem like easy competition for them, but no game is a guarantee.

Today, we’re going to build out a single-game parlay for this matchup. The Rays have won three of their last five games, so will they add the Tigers to that list? Or could the Tigers pull off an impressive upset over the Tigers tonight?

Detroit Tigers at Tampa Bay Rays Preview

As we mentioned, the Tigers have won their last three games. Through those games against the Orioles, Detroit averaged four runs per game. They did a pretty great job pitching as well, only giving up three runs over the course of three games.

Today, they take on the Rays, who have a .234 batting average. The Tigers will also start the 0-1 Alex Faedo on the mound tonight.

The Rays are coming off of a 3-0 win over the Toronto Blue Jays. The Rays are second in the AL East, 4.5 games behind the first-place New York Yankees. Corey Kluber will get the start for the Rays tonight.

Kluber is 1-2 as a starter with an ERA of 4.55. Over the course of 29.2 innings, he’s allowed 33 hits and four home runs. This game is shaping up to be a close one.

Best Moneyline Pick: Tampa Bay Rays -210

The Rays are heavy favorites for a reason. They have better batters, and the Tigers don’t perform well when on the road. This season, the Tigers are 3-10 when traveling, something you should keep in mind here.

It’s also important to note that Kluber has a lot more time on the mound than Faedo does. Faedo has pitched only ten innings, allowing ten hits and a home run.

The Total: UNDER 7.5

When looking at each of the recent games by these teams, you’ll see a common outcome. Over the last three games for each team, the total has stayed under 7.5.

Offensively, the Rays have a distinct advantage over the Tigers. However, even the Rays have struggled in recent games to score more than five runs. The last time they did was Saturday, May 7.

To Hit a Home Run: Brandon Lowe (Tampa Bay) +310

Against Faedo, we believe that Brandon Lowe has a very likely chance of hitting a home run. At the moment, he leads the team with five home runs of his own.

In the last game against the Blue Jays, Lowe had a batting average of .250. Three of his home runs he’s hit at home, and two of them have been in May. This game gives him a chance to keep adding to his home run total.

To Record a Hit: Miguel Cabrera (Detroit Tigers) -200

Cabrera is the leading batter for the Detroit Tigers. Not only does he lead the team in home runs (3), he has the leading batting average as well.

With an average of .297, it’s almost a guarantee that he gets a hit against Kluber tonight. If you’re feeling risky, you can also tack on his +700 to hit a home run.

Latest Sportsbook promotions 13 May 2022

The MLB season is well underway, and the NBA and NHL playoffs are creeping toward completion. For sports enthusiasts, this is an exciting moment because summer is approaching, and the NBA Finals will be held soon. 

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