How Long Does A FanDuel Withdrawal Take

Making a FanDuel withdrawal is very straightforward. The FanDuel sportsbook is one of the fastest-paying ones around. Withdrawing from your account is as easy as making a deposit and betting on FanDuel.

You can quickly and easily create an account, add funds to it, and make a request to withdraw money. Efficiency is essential for any US betting site. It is also very safe, and you will need to verify your account.

Here is everything you need to know about your options, withdrawal times, and more:

Fanduel Withdrawal Options

Each state is different and has its own withdrawal options, so the following list is pretty generalized. You can see all of the withdrawal options available in your state by initiating the process from your mobile device via the FanDuel sportsbook mobile app.

The following are available for the FanDuel sportsbook:

  • Wire transfers
  • PayPal
  • FanDuel prepaid card
  • Online banking
  • Venmo
  • Check

Before you can withdraw from your FanDuel account using the given methods, you first need to make a deposit using one of the mentioned methods.

How To Withdraw from Fanduel:

The process of making a withdrawal will always begin online. Carefully follow these steps:

Step 1:

Log into your verified FanDuel sportsbook account.

Step 2:

Once you are in your account, press the “withdraw” button.

Step 3:

Select a payment option from the given payment methods and enter the amount you would like to withdraw.

Step 4:

Finalize your withdrawal.

The FanDuel sportsbook customer support staff are very helpful and will assist if you run into any problems while processing your request to withdraw.

Fanduel Withdrawal Processing Time And Limits

Each withdrawal method has its own processing time. Paypal withdrawals, Venmo, and prepaid card withdrawals can take around 48 hours. Once the request has been approved and verified, it can take up to an hour or more to receive the deposited funds through these methods.

Online banking withdrawals can take anything from three to five business days to fully process. Afterward, it may take some time for your specific bank to process the request before you receive the funds. All banks have different processing speeds.

The slowest withdrawal method is a physical check. Once that withdrawal process has been finalized, it may take around two weeks before your funds are sent and delivered.

There are also some withdrawal limits. In most states, the minimum is $25, but specific methods have a minimum of $10. Different payment methods also have varying maximum withdrawal amounts. A wire withdrawal should be used for all amounts larger than $10,000.

All of the FanDuel withdrawal options are straightforward and work in various states. However, we already know that withdrawal times differ depending on the method you choose to use, and it is different for all users.

It seems to be best to make a withdrawal request on a Monday morning. Weekends can be very busy as most betters are winning and trying to withdraw their earnings on Saturdays and Sundays.

If you withdraw on a Monday, you will likely see your funds reflected in your account within a few banking days. It is also recommended that you use PayPal when making a FanDuel withdrawal, as you receive your funds almost instantly through the very efficient e-wallet system.

Those of you that have existing PayPal accounts can merely withdraw the funds directly from your betting account into your PayPal. Once the funds are in your PayPal, you can transfer them to your personal bank account linked to the system.

Each payment method offered by the FanDuel sportsbook can also be used to deposit money on their FanDuel Sportsbook app on your phone.

These are the current processing times and limits for when you withdraw funds from your FanDuel sportsbook online account:

  • FanDuel prepaid card: Can take up to 48 hours and has a minimum of $25
  • Online bank transfers: Can take up to five business days and has a minimum of $25
  • PayPal: Can take up to 48 hours and has a minimum of $25
  • Visa/Mastercard: Can take up to 14 business days and has a minimum of $25
  • ACH/eCheck: Can take up to 14 business days and has a minimum of $25
  • Wire transfer: Can take up to 3-5 business days

The fastest way to get your winnings is through Play+ and PayPal. Knowing how to get your funds after sports betting is crucial, and when you find a payment method that works for you, it can be as easy as ever.

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