San Francisco Giants vs Miami Marlins June 3 2022 Same Game Parlay

Today, we’ll take a look at the game between the San Francisco Giants and Miami Marlins. The Giants, with a record of 27-23, have already lost to the Marlins in this series.

In fact, the Giants have lost their last two games of the season. The good news for Giants fans is that they won the three games prior to that. We’ll have to see how strong they come out in tonight’s game.

The Miami Marlins have a record of 21-28 this season but have won just two of their last five games. Sure, Miami got a win over the Giants yesterday, but can they do it again?

They have a slight edge over the Giants in terms of batting, but pitching goes to the Giants. This should be an interesting game to watch which is why we’re going to build our single-game parlay around it, but it will also be in our bet of the day and MLB Computer picks.

San Francisco Giants vs. Miami Marlins Game Preview

The San Francisco Giants will send out the 3-2 Alex Cobb in tonight’s game. Cobb has thrown 47 strikeouts in 37.2 innings.

With this kind of efficiency, Cobb definitely has an advantage over the batters of the Marlins. The question is, can the Giants actually put some runs up tonight.

In yesterday’s game, the Giants were shut out 3-0. They can’t allow that to happen again.

The Miami Marlins will start the 2-5 Elieser Hernandez, one of their worst pitchers. Hernandez has an ERA of 5.77, which isn’t much worse than Cobb.

However, he lacks the number of strikeouts that Cobb has put up. As we mentioned above, the Marlins have a slight edge in terms of batting averages. As a team, the Giants are batting .246 compared to the Giants’ .243.

Moneyline: San Francisco Giants (-154)

It might seem strange to take the Giants after they were just beaten 3-0. However, our reason for this is solely due to Alex Cobb. We believe that Cobb will have a remarkable game tonight and keep the runs low.

We also think that Hernandez will give up quite a few runs before the Marlins go to the bullpen. With that being said, the best bet in this one is taking the Giants -154.

The Total: Under 8 Runs (-114)

This pick was slightly hard to decide, considering the pitcher for the Marlins.

We could see the Giants putting up as many as six runs on their own tonight. However, with recent performances from the Giants, we’re leaning towards the under.

We believe the final score of this game will be Giants 4 to the Marlins 2. This would put our total slightly under and netting us a win as well.

To Record an RBI – Jazz Chisholm (+200)

This is a great pick to tack onto your single-game parlay.

Not only does Chisholm lead the team in RBIs, he’s also got a strong batting average at .268. He’s also hit eight home runs this season, so if you want to add that on you could.

At the moment, Chisholm is +660 to hit a home run against the Giants tonight. He’s a switch-hitter, which makes it even more likely.

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