Latest Sportsbook Promotions 9 May 2022

The MLB season has been underway for almost a month, and the NBA playoffs have drawn closer to the finals. This is an exciting moment for sports lovers since it signals the beginning of summer and the impending arrival of the NBA Finals. 

The majority of sportsbooks have been consistent with their promotions in recent months, but as we approach one of the busiest betting months of the year, they are increasing the value of their promotions even further. 

Because bookmakers have lately spent a significant amount of money on promotion, I anticipate that the deals will become less attractive after this period. The following are some of the most recent sports betting bonuses and incentives that have been offered this week.


Rather than offering big incentives or promotions to new clients this week, DraftKings has provided a huge number of odds upgrades to existing customers, according to the company.

As the NBA and NHL seasons come to a close, certain moneyline odds have been boosted to make them more appealing to wagering enthusiasts.

Furthermore, DraftKings has sponsored a number of promotions in which the possibilities of winning bets were increased by a factor of ten hundred thousand percent. The highest amount of money that may be wagered in this game is $50.


This week, PointsBet is running a campaign in which you can win free bets and other prizes worth up to $2,000 in total. It is possible to be eligible for a refund of up to $1,500 if you lose your first wager; similarly, it is possible to be eligible for a refund of $500 if you lose your first Fixed-Odds gamble, depending on the conditions. 

To be eligible for this promotion, new users must first create an account on the website. One bettor per household is eligible for this offer, and each gambler is limited to a maximum of two wager reimbursements per calendar year. You’ll get a great deal on this item, and it’s one of the finest deals you’ll discover all week.


Caesars Sportsbook is offering a terrific free bet offer to new customers this week, and you can take advantage of it by visiting the website. If you lose your first wager, you’ll receive $1,100 free bet insurance, which will be awarded in the form of a single free bet if you lose your second wager. 

One of the restrictions for the Caesars bonus is that it must be spent within 14 days of receiving it; otherwise, it would be deemed a waste of money and would not be awarded. A large number of people are completely unaware of the condition’s existence. In this case, you will receive a free bet in exchange for your first stake, which you should utilize with caution. 


The $1,000 risk-free bet is the most popular deal available at the moment at BetMGM. This bonus may be received by joining an online casino and depositing money into your account or by wagering on a sporting event.

If your first bet pays off, you just keep the money in your account. In the event that BetMGM loses, you will get a complete refund in the form of a website credit. 

You will only be able to spend the site credit once before your wins are paid out due to the one-time rollover limitation that applies to all players. If the total value of your free bets is less than $50, you will receive one free bet token.

If your investment is greater than $50, it will be divided into five free bets, increasing your chances of winning even more money. This campaign has been in operation for quite some time and has proven to be a tremendous success thus far.

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