Pointsbet Sportsbook is one of the very first online sportsbooks to open shop in the US soon after the US Supreme Court’s 2018 ruling which struck down the federal sports betting ban in the country. The sportsbook first opened its doors in New Jersey but since its inception, it has spread its wings and is now accessible in other states which include Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Illinois, Arizona, and Colorado.   

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 How to Register with Pointsbet

When one thinks of playing at Pointsbet Sportsbook, the very first thing that they need to do is to register an account. Registering an account at Pointsbet is not something that’s hard to do. Players simply need to follow the steps outlined below in order to register new accounts:

  1. From any web browser of the player’s choice including mobile web browser, search for Pointsbet Sportsbook
  2. On the Pointsbet Sportsbook page, choose the jurisdiction you are located in
  3. Once you choose the jurisdiction, you are redirected to the state specific homepage
  4. Once on the homepage, head over to the header tab and click on the Register button
  5. Click on the Register button to be redirected to the registration page where you will need to input all that’s requested from you
  6. Once you input all the requested info, complete the registration process by clicking on the Register button once more.

Banking Methods


  • Cash at the Casino Cage (Double Edge Hotel & Casino)
  • Pointsbet MasterCard
  • ACH e-Check
  • Debit/Credit Card (MasterCard/Visa)


  • Cash at the Casino Cage – Immediate withdrawal
  • Check by Mail – withdrawal may take up to 10 days to process
  • Pointsbet MasterCard – Immediate card load

Sports Betting Services Offered

Pointsbet Sportsbook does offer a whole host of sports betting products. Get to think of any popular American sports and the odds are, there are some betting markets open for that particular sport. Well, it’s not just the American sports/leagues that players can place bets on; players also do have the freedom of placing bets on a whole host of other sporting leagues including European Leagues, Asian Leagues as well as African Leagues.

Players can place bets using any of the standard betting markets at Pointsbet Sportsbook. Some of these include moneylines, point spreads, Totals, Parlays, futures and props. However, in addition to these standard betting markets, Pointsbet also does offer its unique Points betting market. The Points betting market involves winning or losing more money based on how far your prediction deviates from the spread or totals score. Suppose the punter took the over on 24 and the match ended with 31 points, the punter will win 7x the bet! This, in essence, demonstrates the fact that each point over or under becomes a multiplier of the original stake!  See also Pointsbet Same Game Parlay

Casino Games

At Pointsbet Sportsbook, players can only enjoy sports betting services and products at the present moment. There aren’t any other forms of gambling besides sports betting offered at Pointsbet Sportsbook.  


There is a free $2000 bonus which awaits all newly registered players at Pointsbet. Just register an account, make a deposit and place your first bets to benefit from the Pointsbet Sportsbook $2000 welcome offer. This welcome offer is split into two parts in the following fashion: (i) up to $500 back if you lose your first fixed odds bet and (ii) up to $1500 back if you lose you’re first points betting wager.

There is also a great Refer-A-Friend Bonus that players at Pointsbet Sportsbook can benefit from. To benefit from the bonus, simply refer a friend to Pointsbet and if the referred friend proceeds to open an account and make a first deposit, the referrer will receive a free $50!  

Mobile App

Even on the go, players can access and enjoy the sports betting services and products offered at Pointsbet Sportsbook. To enjoy sports betting on the go, players simply need to download and install the Pointsbet Sportsbook App. The app is compatible with mobile devices running on both Android as well as iOS operating systems.  

Round Up

Offering its own unique sports betting market dubbed the Points betting market/systems synonymous for amplifying wins (and losses); players at Pointsbet Sportsbook can really expect to win big whenever their permutations and predictions come out correct.