Pointsbet Arizona Sign Up Code

Pointsbet is very close to launching in Arizona. They already operate in quite a few other States, including New Jersey, Colorado, Michigan, Iowa and Indiana etc, for a total of 16 States. By launching in Arizona, Pointsbet will become one of the first Legal Sportsbooks for those living in Arizona to register and bet with. It is still to be determined who the other sportsbooks might end up being who launch here.

Pointsbet Arizona Promo Code / Sign Up Code

When you register on Pointsbet Arizona, you are given the option of entering a Sign Up Code, also often referred to as a Promo Code. This is on the first page of the registration fields.
You can leave this blank, however, if you do have a Pointsbet Arizona Promo Code or Sign Up Code, then this is the place to enter it. Often by entering it, you will qualify for additional free bets, or betting bonuses.

Which casino did Pointsbet Arizona partner with

Pointsbet Arizona have partnered with the Cliff Castle Casino Hotel, which is located in Camp Verde, and has been going for over 16 years. It forms part of the Yavapai-Apache Nation.

How to Register with Pointsbet Arizona

Navigate your way to the Pointsbet website and ensure you select Arizona as your State. Once done, click on the red Sign Up button at the top right hand side and start completing all the details. These will include mostly your personal details such as name, contact details and your physical address. This all forms part of the Know Your Client requirement that all Arizona sportsbooks need to comply with.

Gambling Products Offered

Pointsbet has not as yet gone live in Arizona. As such, we cannot say anything as yet about the gambling products it offers.  However, taking a cue from the Pointsbet sites in other states that are already live, it’s safe to say that once the Pointsbet Arizona site goes live, punters in Arizona can expect to place bets on a wide variety of sports. The majority will happen to be American sports as Pointsbet largely offers American sports and leagues. Leagues such as the NFL, MBA, NHL and the MLB are guaranteed to be supported but College Football and College Basketball lie in a grey area at the present moment. See also Pointsbet Same Game Parlay

Welcome Bonus

As Pointsbet Arizona is yet to go live at the present moment, there is nothing that we can say with regards to the bonus and promotional perks it will offer to its players. However, a guarantee is there that players will definitely benefit from some bonuses and promo perks.

Round Up

Pointsbet is the seventh online sportsbook to be granted access to operate in Arizona. Though the sportsbook hasn’t gone live as yet, it’s officially launch is expected to occur in the near future. Once it goes live, players in Arizona will have an opportunity to place bets in the comfort of their own homes. At the same time, they will be able to test for themselves Pointsbet’s unique betting market the points (spread) betting!