Pointsbet Registration Guide

Thinking of placing some sports bets in the US? If you answer yes to this question, then you surely have to consider Pointsbet Sportsbook. Pointsbet Sportsbook is one of the most popular sportsbook in the US operating in most of the state that have legalized online sports betting. A rundown of the states where Pointsbet has legal operations is as follows: Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan and New Jersey.  

The reason why Pointsbet is such highly popular in the US is down to the fact that it offers a whole host of online gambling products. All of the top American sports and leagues are supported. In addition, some unfamiliar sports and leagues are supported together with some international leagues talk of the Champions League in Europe, the AFCON in Africa and a whole host of others. To start enjoying all of the great gambling products offered at Pointsbet, it’s a prerequisite for players to register sportsbook accounts first. The steps that players need to take in order to open their sportsbook accounts are as follows.

How to Register with Pointsbet

  1. The first step that players need to take is to search for the official Pointsbet Sportsbook. This can be done using any web browser of one’s choice. Alternatively, players also have the opportunity to simply download and install the Pointsbet mobile application and start the registration on the mobile app
  2. As soon as players search for the Pointsbet Sportsbook, the first page that loads is the one which details all of the states that Pointsbet has operations in. At the present moment, Pointsbet Sportsbook has operations in the following states: New Jersey, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, and Colorado
  3. From the dropdown list of the states where Pointsbet Sportsbook has operations in, players simply have to choose the state that they are in, in order to be redirected to the specific homepage. Note that it’s important to select the state you are currently in during this stage as the site uses geolocation to determine conclusively where the player is based – if the player gives false info on this stage, the whole registration process becomes void
  4. Once players have selected their state, they are redirected to the homepage. On the homepage, check for the SIGN UP  button located in the header tab
  5. Click upon the SIGN UP button to be redirected to the registration page. On the registration page, players are asked to share their personal details – these relate to one’s first name, last name, email address, preferred security credentials, date of birth, phone number and address
  6. The next step is to click on the CONTINUE button
  7. The last step is to wait for the confirmation text/email to arrive in the inbox. Once it arrives, click on authentication hyperlink to confirm the account and to verify it. Once verified, the player will become the latest member at Pointsbet Sportsbook.  

Opening an account at Pointsbet Sportsbook is quite a simple task. By simply providing the personal details requested, players in just under 5 minutes will already have finished the account registration process and would be the latest members at Pointsbet Sportsbook.