FOX Bet Super 6 Picks

Legal sports betting has swept the nation, but half of the states in America do still not have available wagering. FOX Bet is one sportsbook that has supported bettors in legal states and non-legal betting states.

The sportsbook has a feature called Super 6, which is utilized by people all over the country. You do not need to be in a legal sports wagering state to play the contest. If you are in a legal betting state where FOX Bet is not live, you can still play Super 6.

Super 6 is a fun and free sports game that involves real cash prizes. Who does not enjoy free games to win real cash? Nobody!

What is Fox bet Super 6?

FOX Bet offers a full sportsbook for people in legal betting states. However, FOX Bet also has a free side of the platform, which is valid for all United States residents over 18 years old.

FOX Bet gives away $20,000 per week, and the reason they are offering this game is to acquire customers. With sports betting sweeping the nation, FOX Bet is getting ahead of other sportsbooks.

When FOX Bet becomes legal, the company will garner more customers because people know about the book through Super 6. For Super 6, you make six selections depending on the contests that the company is providing.

If you get all six picks correct, you will be in line for the prize.

How Fox bet Super 6 Works

FOX Bet Super 6 varies for all contests. However, the central theme of the platform is that you will make six picks on a specific slate of games. Occasionally, you will choose individual teams. On other nights, you will pick particular questions about a game.

If nobody in the contest gets all their picks correct, FOX Bet divides the prize pool into smaller pieces. Super 6 has received rave reviews since it was introduced. It’s like a fantasy sports game, but there are no entry fees.

It has also helped FOX Bet grow its presence in the sports betting field, which is the overall goal for the program. Football season is when FOX Bet Super 6 receives the most attention because of the sport’s popularity.

Although, Super 6 is available for the NFL, NCAA football, NBA, and MLB. If you download the app, you will be immersed in a multitude of sports competitions.

How to play Fox Bet Super 6

To play Super 6, you must be 18 years of age and located in the United States. If you fit this standard, proceed to the App or Google Play Store and download FOX Bet Super 6. Super 6 has a unique app, so do not make the mistake of installing the US sportsbook.

Once you have the app downloaded, register for an account by entering the required information. Once your account has been created, begin making your Super 6 picks.

It’s good that you can only make six picks on the app because it’s an addicting platform.


Super 6 has helped FOX Bet rise to the top of the sports betting industry. Free games for real cash are usually successful, and the company has mastered this with Super 6.