Free-To-Play Sports Betting Games

While real money sports gambling is gaining popularity around the world of sports, there is another type of sports action that is also beloved by many. That would be free to play sports betting games, which provide the thrill of sports gambling without any of the risks to the bettor. Here, we chronicle the different types of free-to-play games along with the perks of these offerings.

Types of Free to Play Games

The main type of free-to-play sports betting game is the prediction competition game. Sports media entities like ESPN, NBC, and FOX Sports offer versions of this game type, where players can make successful predictions surrounding sporting events and climb leaderboards to win real cash. Their games like Streak for the Cash, Sunday Night 7, and the FOX Sports Super 6 combine markets like spreads, moneylines, and props into singular free-to-play games.

Another type of free-to-play sports betting game is one that simulates sports betting a little more closely. Sites like Sportsplays provide a small balance to bettors and allow them to take on real betting markets. If they run their free balance up high enough, those funds can be withdrawn. This is a fun way to get involved with sports gambling in a more real sense without having to invest any funds.

Why Do These Exist?

The main reason that these games exist is to provide content to consumers of these companies at no financial obligation to the players. Those players consumer advertising on the sites they play on, generating revenue for the companies offering these games. The player has fun and has a chance to win money, while the media companies conduct their business with advertisers, and everyone wins.

For players themselves, these games also exist to provide a fun alternative to real money sports gambling. Free-to-play sports betting games allow players of all income brackets and levels of seriousness about sports betting to showcase their sports knowledge without the pressure of involving real money.

Good Practice for Real Money Gambling?

Also worth considering is the fact that these free-to-play games serve as a great way to practice sports gambling without having to risk real money when doing so. Players can test betting systems and models or just learn how sports gambling works without any real risks or having to make any deposits.

These games are also great for sports fans who want to wager on sports but are not able to do so in their state quite yet. As sports gambling laws in America continue to be relaxed, players can use these games to earn an education in sports gambling in advance of their state’s potential legalization.

One of the best things about the current state of sports gambling in America is all of the options available to players. And in the case of free-to-play sports betting games, players do not even need to have a financial investment in order to get involved. To some, that makes this type of gaming the best option of all.