BetMGM King of the Weekend NFL Predictions

BetMGM have launched a fantastic new free to play game called King of the Weekend. We hope to see more of these games, which are sometimes referred to as sports pools or sports jackpots. BetMGM initially launched it with MLB, but it will include NFL as well. Every Saturday, players can win up to $20,000 if they correctly pick the six highest-scoring teams, from a pool of teams provided by BetMGM. The pool opens on a Thursday and you have until the games begin on the Saturday to make your best picks, and you are only allowed to enter the game once.

King of the Weekend NFL Picks

We look at all the matches included in the King of the Weekend pool from BetMGM, and we provide picks and predictions for each match.

NFL King of the Weekend Prizes

  • All 6    = $20k cash. *Split in the case of multiple winners
  • First 5 = $250 cash/freebet
  • First 4 = $50 freebet
  • First 3 = $25 freebet
  • First 2 = $5  freebet
  • First 1 = $1  freebet

MLB King of the Weekend Prizes

  • 6 correct picks in order: $20,000 cash 
  • 5: $250 Free Bets
  • 4: $50 Free Bets
  • 3: $25 Free Bet
  • 2: $5 Free Bets
  • 1: $1 Free Bets

How to play the BetMGM King of the Weekend game

It’s really simple. The pool opes on a Thursday morning and you need to get your entries in before the start of the fist game in the pool on Saturday. Up until that time, you will be able to edit and make changes to your picks. Ensure you have registered with BetMGM, and then make your way to their promotions page, and click on the King of the Weekend promotion to enter. All cash and/or Free Bet prizes will be deposited into the winning player’s accounts within 72 hours of the last eligible game ending.