NFL Picks Straight Up

Find the latest NFL Straight Up Picks and Predictions from AmericanPicks below.

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Today’s NFL Picks Straight Up

What are Straight Up NFL Picks

Straight up picks are the easiest of all the betting markets to understand. They are often called Moneyline picks and are when you need to pick which team you think will ultimately win the match, and can also be called NFL Computer picks. This is for the full-time, end of match prediction. There are many popular bet types, but the straight up pick is one of the most popular as it’s fun, easy to make and easy to know if you won or lost. We include a few of these in our Bet of the day.

How do we calculate straight up NFL Picks

We calculate and make our straight up NFL predictions the same way we do our Moneyline predictions. We take the historical data we have for the two teams in the match-up and run hundreds of simulations. Our system then determines which is the most likely outcome based on these simulations and this becomes our Straight Up NFL Pick. We then share this with you. If data changes prior to the match, we then update the pick. However, straight up picks are only available pre-match.

How often do we update our NFL Straight up Picks

We provide straight up picks for all NFL matches. You can find straight up picks for TNF, SNF, MNF, or for any of the weeks, such as our NFL Week 4 predictions or NFL Week 6 predictions. The predictions are updated daily and always for the next available upcoming matches.