Monday Night Football Picks & Predictions

Monday Night Football is one of the most iconic brands in all sports, as some of the best teams in the NFL take center stage each week. With Monday Night Football being around longer than any player currently in the NFL, this tradition is one that every player in the league has dreamed of taking part in. In this guide to Monday Night Football, find out what Monday Night Football consists of, some of its history and why it is so beloved.

What Monday Night Football Picks & Predictions do we offer

We provide MNF Picks against the spread, straight up picks and totals. The predictions are for every MNF match and we provide stats on when the match will be played, where to watch it, as well as Monday Night football match schedule.

What is Monday Night Football?

Monday Night Football is a nationally televised NFL game that takes place each week on, you guessed it, Monday nights. First airing in 1970, Monday Night Football is seen as a showcase each week, as the teams that play on Monday nights do not have to share the spotlight with other teams the way they would when playing on Sundays.

With each week in the NFL beginning on Thursday and ending on Monday, Monday Night Football also serves as the final game of each week during the NFL season. This means that the teams playing on Mondays have the opportunity to gain ground in their respective playoff races by picking up a win. It also means that they know what their division opponents and fellow Wild Card contenders have done already, which can help Monday’s participants greatly.

Why is Monday Night Football so popular?

Monday Night Football is so popular because it tends to feature some of the best matchups in the NFL on a weekly basis. The network that airs Monday Night Football each year gets to select its matchups before the start of the season, similar to the way that Sunday Night Football does. That typically results in a fair amount of star power on one or both of the teams involved in the game.

The popularity of Monday Night Football can also be attributed to the presentation of the event each week. Monday Night Football games receive their own extended pregame show, with Hank Williams Jr.’s memorable theme song being burned into the memories of football fans around the United States. While every NFL game feels like an event, Monday Night Football is made to feel like an even bigger one.

Pros and Cons of Monday Night Football


As far as positives are concerned surrounding Monday Night Football, the biggest positive is the fact that teams receive an extra day of rest compared to Sunday matchups. This means an extra day of game planning and an extra day of recovery from the previous game for players. Those benefits often mean a higher level of play, especially with better teams usually being involved.


The only real negative associated with Monday Night Football has more to do with the week after teams play on Mondays. The week after a Monday night game, teams have one less day to recover and prepare for their next opponent. That can make things much more difficult on teams that play on Monday night, especially if they are tasked with going on the road in the game following a Monday contest.

Money Night Football Predictions FAQ

When do you post your Monday Night Picks

We typically publish our Monday Night Football Predictions about a week prior. As we get closer to game day, we continue to update the predictions with any new data that might come in.

What predictions do you make for Monday Night Football Games

We currently prediction moneyline, against the spread and over/under totals