Reddit NFL Streams

People love sports. In the US, the majority of sports fans love watching football games. It is against this background that the National Football League (NFL) is one of the most popular leagues in the country. NFL fans when it comes to supporting their favourite sports teams traditionally had two options.

The first option was to buy tickets and watch games live as spectators inside stadiums. The second option was to catch the games live on the TV set. However, thanks to the internet revolution, sports fans nowadays have a third option, this option relates to streaming games live on different internet-connecting devices.

In this article, we are going to take a look at one of the NFL live stream platforms that players have in the past used to watch NFL games live. The NFL live stream platform we are talking about here is dubbed Reddit NFL Streams.

What are Reddit NFL Streams

The Reddit NFL Streams platform was a subreddit/website (open source Reddit platform) which allowed players to stream live NFL games played across the country. NFL fans can note that we are using the past form ‘was’ in referring to Reddit NFL Streams. This is necessitated by the fact that the platform was recently shut down by the parent company Reddit. In a statement, Reddit stated that Reddit NFL Streams was shut down for copyright infringements.

“Our policy is to close the accounts of users, in appropriate circumstances, who have repeatedly been charged with copyright infringement. Sometimes a repeat infringement problem is limited to one user, and we close just that user’s account. Other times, the problem pervades a whole subreddit community and we close the subreddit,” the Reddit statement read.

Before it was shut down, Reddit NFL Streams not only operated as a streaming platform for live games but it also provided highlights as well as full previously played games in a form of ‘catch-up’ for those who might have missed them.

How do the Reddit NFL Streams Work

The Reddit NFL Streams functioned just like any other streaming platform. All that NFL fans needed to do in order to stream games live was to visit the official site at – – and proceed to check up the programme line up of upcoming matches. Once the match is about to commence or already in session, NFL fans simply need to click on the match link and instantly, they get to watch the game live.

Reddit NFL Streams Future

Having been shut down for copyright infringement, all sports fans at the present moment are just eager to learn about the future of Reddit NFL Streams. Well, the platform will have to strike a deal with NFL first – it’s a wait and see game at the present moment to see when such a deal can be struck but hopefully for the multitudes of Reedit NFL Streams fans, the deal need to come sooner.

Reddit NFL Streams Alternatives

Sports fans who love streaming NFL games ought to note that there are some great alternatives they can settle for as they wait for Reddit NFL Streams to sort issues out. Some of the alternative NFL fans can settle for include:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Hulu
  • FuboTv
  • YouTube TV
  • Sling
  • AT&TV
  • Vidgo
  • CBS All Access