BetMGM Parlay Generator


Have you ever tried to find the perfect parlay but ended up spending too much time on a sportsbook looking for options? If your answer to this question is yes, you are not alone. All bettors try to find the perfect parlay, but it’s often hard to find the winning combination.

The team at BetMGM figured this out and implement a technological innovation into the sportsbook that’s unmatched by many other legal platforms. The BetMGM parlay generator helps bettors focus on the games instead of wasting time studying the sportsbook.

Since BetMGM introduced the parlay generator, bettors have raved about the new feature. Let’s take a closer look at the feature.

What is the BetMGM parlay generator?

The BetMGM parlay generator is a fantastic tool that takes the stress out of finding the perfect parlay. The generator creates random parlays for your bet selections. If you pick a game to wager and add it to your betting slip, the parlay generator will start to work.

It was designed by BetMGM to help bettors quickly place wagers. The generator has been a lifesaver for bettors on the site because the book creates fantastic choices.

How does the parlay generator work?

The BetMGM parlay generator factors your betting history and the competitions for the day to create the perfect parlay. You will be able to see the odds for the parlay you are building at the moment. You will also be able to see your potential payout if you win.

The parlay generator creates as many options as you desire. This is not what separates the technology from other sportsbooks. BetMGM competitors make it easy to place a parlay wager.

The generator is superior because you can see how much you will win before entering the wager in your betting slip. Other books force you to add the stakes to your slip and enter your risk before determining your payout.

The swiftness of the parlay generator is why bettors should utilize the feature.

How to use the BetMGM parlay generator

A parlay generator may seem like a weird concept because it’s relatively new to the sports betting world. Some books have preemptive parlays for you when you log into your account. The parlay generator requires you to select one wager.

The wager can be from any part of the sportsbook. You can wager an unpopular market, and you will still have access to the parlay generator. Once you select your first wager, the parlay generator begins to work.

The parlay generator appears under your betting slip. You must enter a risk amount in the slip, which applies to the generator. BetMGM will give you a potential parlay, and you can edit it by decreasing or adding selections.

If you do not like any of the choices on the parlay generator, just press spin selection, and you will receive a completely new parlay. Yuo should also take a look at the Fanduel Same Game Parlay Picks and our Parlay Picks for today.


The parlay generator is a feature that separates BetMGM from the other legal sportsbooks in the United States. The quickness of the parlay generator is why you should start using BetMGM. You will cut your time tenfold when placing parlay wagers.