Barstool Sports Quick Pick 6 Picks

Parlay wagers are tough to win because multiple things need to occur for your bet to be successful. A parlay is when you place multiple wagers on a single ticket for high odds. If all the legs hit, you will have a successful payout.

However, you could place a six-team parlay, and if one bet fails, you receive nothing. Parlay bets are tough to win, but they can be more challenging to place. Sports betting platforms like the Barstool Sportsbook are vast.

You can sit on the book all day and have a difficult time choosing the perfect wager. Barstool Sportsbook takes the difficulty out of placing parlays with its Quick Pick 6.

What is the Barstool Quick Pick 6

The Barstool Quick Pick 6 is a parlay generator that takes the time out of placing grouped wagers. It’s a technological advancement in the sportsbook that generates unlimited combinations of wagers.

Parlay generators are becoming a standard feature on sportsbooks, but Barstool was a pioneer for the technology. The Quick Pick 6 is better than many other parlay generators because of how simple it is to use on the site.

How does the Barstool Quick Pick 6 work?

The Barstool Quick Pick 6 works by compiling all the sportsbooks’ markets and combine them into the parlay generator. There are no limits on the number of leagues or markets that you can include in the generator.

Barstool Sportsbook encourages you to place expansive parlays through the generator. You also can place long-term parlays by modifying the date on the Quick Pick 6.

After you place your parlay, you can see how much you will win with a certain risk amount. The best part about the Quick Pick 6 is that it does not just compile standard wagers. The generator includes prop bets and futures if you want to place a wager that goes over an extensive period.

How to play Quick Pick 6

The Barstool Quick Pick 6 may seem confusing to use because it has a massive capability for placing winning parlays. To use the Quick Pick 6, proceed to the sportsbook on your mobile device or desktop computer.

The company heavily markets the generator, so it will not be hard to find. It’s located in the sidebar and with all the sports at the top of the desktop view.

Click the Quick Pick 6 logo, and you will be taken to a screen with all the sports that are occurring on the sportsbook. Choose all the sports and leagues that you would like to include in your parlay.

You also need to choose the period that you want for your parlay. The standard choice is over three days, but you can go as small as three hours and as high as one month.

Once you finish these selections, you hit “Show Picks,” and it will give you a suggested parlay. If you like any of the six choices, you can lock them into your wager. If you want new options, press the shuffle button.


Barstool Quick Pick 6 is an excellent feature for bettors looking for help building winning parlays on the sportsbook.