Super Bowl 2022 Prop Picks

Super Bowl prop bets are one of the highlights of the NFL season, as there are many more options than there are normally, thanks to the magnitude of the game. One type of prop bet that gets a lot of attention is the game prop, where bettors can wager on items related to the flow of the game itself instead of individual player performance. There are a couple of key reasons to bet on this type of prop during each Super Bowl.

Why Bet Super Bowl Game Props?

The best reason to wager on game props during the Super Bowl is that they do not rely on the performance of one player. Player props require specific players to have performances that are either better than or worse than their expected output for the Super Bowl. But with game props, bettors do not have to sit there and hope that a quarterback throws to one specific receiver or that a seldom-used running back gets the ball.

Another major reason to utilize Super Bowl game props is that they can be used to find value if a bettor expects one team or another to have the upper hand in the game. Props related to the time of the first score or whether or not a team will score several times in a row can be used to back a team to do well in the game without having to worry about whether or not that team will hold on and cover the spread.

Best Super Bowl Game Props Last Year

The best Super Bowl props for last year’s Super Bowl were centered around the success of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as they destroyed the Kansas City Chiefs for most of the game. The best prop bet to hit was for one team to score three times or more consecutively, as the Bucs were able to do that without any trouble at all. In fact, the Chiefs were held to single-digit scoring for most of the game.

Another prop that went well in the last Super Bowl was the bet that neither team would score in the first 7:30 of the first quarter of the game. Points were hard to come by in this game, with just 40 combined points when the Chiefs and Bucs squared off. The first points in the contest did not come until there were about five minutes left in the first quarter, which meant that bettors were successful if they wagered on the opening score coming more than halfway into the opening quarter.

What Could a Super Bowl Game Prop Look Like This Season?

The most successful Super Bowl game prop is one that isn’t very popular, thanks to how much juice bettors need to lay to take it. That would be betting on the game not going to overtime, as the Super Bowl has gone to overtime just once in over 50 years of history. And even that one overtime game required a historic comeback where the New England Patriots needed everything to go right against the Atlanta Falcons.