Super Bowl 2022 Player Props

For bettors who like placing prop bets, there isn’t a better day in the entire year than the Super Bowl. On Super Bowl Sunday, there are more prop bets available than there are during the entire NFL season, with the bulk of those props coming in the form of player prop bets. Here, we look at why bettors should get involved with Super Bowl player props and which types of props may be worth a look for the next Super Bowl.

Why Bet Super Bowl Player Props?

The number one reason to bet on Super Bowl player props is the fact that there are serious chances to find value in these markets. This is especially true for prop markets featuring players that are not usually given their own player props. The massive number of players offered for Super Bowl props rewards bettors who have a deep knowledge of both teams playing in the game, as they can identify spots where players might be undervalued or overvalued.

Another major reason to bet on Super Bowl player props is that there are ways to parlay player props with many sportsbooks today. That feature allows bettors to put together parlays featuring correlated plays between multiple players. While this isn’t something that is easy to do, bettors who develop a firm grasp of putting together those correlated prop parlays will have a real chance at amplifying their profits.

Best Player Props From Last Super Bowl

The best player props from last year’s Super Bowl were unders pertaining to the stats of the Kansas City Chiefs, especially Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes failed to live up to expectations in the Super Bowl, thanks in large part to the incredible defense of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Bettors who went against the general public pertaining to the performance of the Chiefs’ quarterback did very well on Super Bowl Sunday.

Another set of props that went well for bettors were receiving props for Buccaneers players. Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown both had touchdowns in the game for the Bucs, going above and beyond the expectations that bookmakers had for them heading into the contest. And Tom Brady had a big day in terms of throwing passing touchdowns, rewarding those who backed him in the passing touchdown prop markets.

Player Props For 2022 Super Bowl

For the next Super Bowl, it is hard to tell ahead of time which prop bets are going to be the best to roll with. That is a product of not knowing which teams are playing and what their matchups are going to look like. But no matter who plays in the next Super Bowl, bettors must look for mismatches to determine what the best areas to attack will be when taking on Super Bowl player props.

For example, if a team with a great pass rush is taking on a team with a banged-up offensive line, bettors may want to take the under in passing yardage props for the team that is overmatched. Or if a team with a good running game is taking on a team with a great run defense, determining which side has the advantage at the point of attack is the way to decide whether to take overs or unders on rushing yardage props.