Super Bowl Betting Sites

Are you looking for Super Bowl 2022 Betting Sites? You have come to the right place. We at specialize in helping you with all your NFL betting, especially NFL betting predictions. If you are wanting to bet on the Super Bowl 2022, you will first need to register with one of the the NFL Betting sites.

How to Choose an NFL Betting Site

The very first thing to do is to check which licensed sportsbook is operating in your State. Once you know that, you can start to work through your requirements. These will typically include:

  • Easy registration
  • Multiple Deposit Options
  • Multiple Super Bowl markets and odds
  • Plenty of Super Bowl prop bets
  • Pre-made Super Bowl Parlays
  • Super Bowl Betting promotions and risk free bets

Which is the Best NFL betting site

This is a very difficult question to answer as it depends of course on the State you are in, as well as on which of the above variables you value the highest. However, we believe that BetMGM offer the widest range of Super Bowl betting markets and prop bets, as well as some excellent risk free bets to warrant being our best NFL betting site.

List of Super Bowl betting sites

You don’t however just need to choose one site to bet on the Super Bowl with. You can choose from multiple options. Those making our list of the best Super Bowl betting sites include:

Barstool Sportsbook
theScore Sportsbook