Wyoming Sportsbooks

Online gambling is on the rise in the US. The exponential rise of online gambling in the country has been necessitated by one key factor that is, the historic Supreme Court ruling passed in 2018 which legalized online sports betting. Ever since the ruling was passed, several states have on a state level put in place measures to permit and regulate online sports betting. This, in essence, has made it possible for a whole host of sports punters based in the US to start placing bets on their favorite sports in the comfort of their own homes.

 One state which warmly welcomed the historic ruling by the US Supreme Court is the state of Wyoming. In this article, we are going to take some time in exploring the measures that the state of Wyoming has put in place with regards to operationalizing online sports betting.  

Laws Relating to Online Sports Betting in Wyoming

Like several others US states, the state of Wyoming did welcome the ruling by the US Supreme Court to legalise online sports betting on a federal level. The state of Wyoming soon after the landmark ruling did move to spell out its own sports betting rules and laws regulating online sports betting. The move culminated in the state of Wyoming becoming the 23rd US state to officially legalise sports betting on a state level in April 2021.

Current State of Online Sports Betting in Wyoming

After the state of Wyoming legalized online sports betting in the state, it gave the Wyoming Gaming Commission the onus to oversee everything that has to do with online sports betting in the state. The Wyoming Gaming Commission started its work by inviting applications from prospective operators. After the first round of applications, the successful ones were given a window period to put everything in placer and they were given the date of September 1 as the official date for (possible) launch.

Frontrunner Sportsbooks Looking to Go Live in Wyoming

After receiving applications, the Wyoming Gaming Commission advised that all successful applicants can go live on September 1, 2021 or a later date as the official launch date for all online sports betting activities in the state was set for September 1. The Gaming Commission also announced that only five applicants would be selected during the first application round. By July 15, four sportsbooks had already expressed their desire to operate in Wyoming and these are FanDuel, DraftKings, Barstool and BetMGM. Only two of these managed to go live on the official launch date (September 1, 2021) that is, FanDuel and Barstool. 

Top Retail Casinos in Wyoming

With online sports betting now live in Wyoming, sports punters now have the opportunity to start placing bets from the comfort of their own homes. However, for those who prefer to visit retail casinos and engage in their favourite pastime in real-life environments, they have the opportunity to visit any of the following retail casinos:

  • Wind River Hotel & Casinos
  • Shoshone Rose Casino
  • Little Wind Casino
  • Evanstone Horse Palace
  • Gillette Horse Palace

Top NFL Sports Teams in Wyoming

With sports betting now live in Wyoming, punters have the opportunity to back their favourite NFL teams during the 2021/22 NFL regular season. Only if Wyoming had an NFL team, Wyoming punters would now be able to start placing bets on them. The unfortunate thing is, Wyoming does not have an NFL team hence punters are restricted to backing teams from other states.