Wunderdog Sports Picks

Wunderdog is a sports betting consultant. What this simply means is that this site is like a nerd who is very generous and compassionate. As a generous and compassionate nerd, Wunderdog shares with everyone with a listening ear key insight on upcoming sports events. These insights come in the form of predictions and permutations meaning punters who love placing bets can simply learn the most probable bets that they should place.

Wunderdog has been in existence for quite some time now and its reputation in offering top probable bets (Picks) to punters is unquestionable. This has been fine tuned over the years thanks to the site’s use of predictive analysis and unique betting systems. Punters who choose to use this site therefore ought to know that they can find some great probable bets they can place on a wide variety of betting options.

How Wunderdog Sports Works

As stated earlier, Wunderdog is a sports betting consultant. In simple terms, this means the site helps punters to pick and place ‘sure’ bets with a high probability of returning payouts. Wunderdog is able to offer some ‘sure’ bets owing to the fact that it employs some sophisticated predictive analysis and unique sports betting systems that enables it to come up with highly likely match/event outcomes. To access the ‘sure’ bets offered at this site, players simply need to visit the official Wunderdog Sports site.

Picks Provided

We’ve been talking about ‘probable’ and ‘sure’ bets for some time now. Just for clarification purposes, it’s important for players to note that these bets are bets that Wunderdog Sports comes up with after it does its predictive analysis magic. These probable and sure bets are showcased in the form of completed betting markets. In simple terms, this means Wunderdog showcases in explicit terms the outcome of a match/event depending on the betting market chosen.

Suppose there is a match between USA and Mexico, Wunderdog will do its magic and explicitly state than the match as according to the Straight bet market will end in a Win for the Home Team – this as punters can see is a completed bet and it is the bet that Wunderdog offers. In other terms, this bet can simply be referred to as a Pick. Picks offered at Wunderdog Sports are largely handicap Picks but players will also find others from time to time which include Straights, Parlays, Team Props as well as Player Props.  

Leagues Supported

The Picks offered at Wunderdog covers a wide range of sporting disciplines as well as leagues. These include:

  • Major League Baseball
  • National Basketball Association
  • National Hockey League
  • NCAA
  • NFL


Wunderdog Sports offers a combination of both Paid as well as Free Picks. When it comes to the Free Picks, players simply need to head over to the official Wunderdog site and they will find all Picks for upcoming matches/events. Paid Picks are also available on the official site. However, players ought to note that these come with different pricing structures. As such, punters once they reach the homepage will need to check the Picks they want to select and proceed to look at their pricing structure.

Round Up

Wunderdog Sports is a great sports betting consultant which certainly has been doing a lot of great work in the gambling industry. The most impressive thing about the site is that it doesn’t just suite those with funds to purchase picks but also allows players to select some free picks.