Wisconsin Sportsbooks

Wisconsin is getting its first online sportsbook. However, the online sportsbook is a far cry from the online sportsbooks that have mushroomed across all the other US states. Many folks are probably wondering at this present moment why this is the case. Well, the thing is, Wisconsin is only going to permit one online sportsbook (at least at the present moment) and this sportsbook will only accept online wagers and bets from punters who are within the premises of retail sportsbooks. This definitely isn’t impressive when compared to other states but it’s a step in the right direction for all Wisconsin punters. Well, to get to learn more about this and also future plans for online sports betting in the state of Wisconsin, lets get into the finer details.

Laws Relating to Online Sports Betting in Wisconsin 

Until recently, the state of Wisconsin had not taken any serious measures with regards to legalizing online sports betting on a state level. However, the state government had to take a decision after the Oneida Nation, one of the tribes operating retail casinos in the state approached it with the intention to receive permission to launch mobile sports betting. Oneida Nation managed to negotiate a successful compact with the state government and in the process, became the very first tribe in Wisconsin to be granted a license for mobile betting.

Current State of Online Sports Betting in Wisconsin

Online sports betting has just been legalized in Wisconsin thanks to Oneida Nation’s successful lobby work. However, though online sports betting has just been legalized, punters at the present moment cannot place online wagers. This necessitated by the fact that Oneida Nation’s sportsbook is yet to go live. According to Oneida Tribe’s spokesperson Nate Wisneski, the sportsbook will go live before the end of the year. In a statement, Wisneski said, “We anticipated having our sportsbook up and operational for the beginning of the NFL season… Necessary system and equipment components are on backorder. We now anticipate being open by November of this year.”

Frontrunner Sportsbooks Looking to Go Live in Wisconsin

With the Oneida Nation being the only tribe to have negotiated for a mobile betting license with the state government, its safe to say that the only frontrunner and possibly the only sportsbook to operate in Wisconsin for the foreseeable future is Oneida Nation. With Wisconsin boasting of 11 tribes operating 27 different retail gaming facilities, things may change if anyone of these shows intention to venture into mobile betting like the step taken by Oneida Nation. The entry of third-party sportsbooks in the state such as BetMGM, FanDuel and DraftKings is a distant possibility at the present moment as the state government has only shown a willingness to negotiate with tribes only.

Top Retail Casinos in Wisconsin

While online sports betting is still in its infancy in Wisconsin, players ought to note that they have the opportunity to enjoy different forms of gambling when they visit any of the following Wisconsin hotels.

  • Potawatomi Hotel & Casino
  • Ho-Chunk Gaming Baraboo
  • Oneida Casino
  • St Croix Casino Turtle Lake
  • Lake of the Torches Resort Casino

Top NFL Sports Teams in Wisconsin

Whilst authorities are taking tortoise steps to fully legalise and start regulating online sports betting in Wisconsin, punters can only wait and hope that in the near future, the state of Wisconsin will join many others that have fully legalised online sports betting and now regulates dozens of online sportsbooks. When that time comes, Wisconsin folks will have the opportunity back and place bets on the state’s own and only NFL team that is, the Green Bay Packers.