Ballybet Virginia

There are some household names that quickly come to mind when the question of US online sportsbooks spring to mind. The name ‘Bally Bet’ isn’t one of those household names (at least at the present moment). This simply necessitated by the fact that Bally Bet is a new entrant into the US online sports betting scene. Well, though the brand ‘Bally Bet’ is certainly a new one, this brand actually has a long history in the US albeit with a different name.

Bally Bet as a sports betting brand was established just recently this year, 2021. Caesars Entertainment, one of the leading retail casinos in the US used to have a subsidiary by the name Bally. This subsidiary just like its parent company had huge interests in retail gambling. However, its popularity faded with time and it nearly went into oblivion. As part of its expansionism drive, the land based casino operator Twin River Worldwide Holdings in 2020 purchased the Bally’s name from Caesars Entertainment. After the acquisition, Twin River Worldwide Holdings revamped Bally into Bally Bet, an entity with interests in online sports betting.

Since its emergence, Bally Bet has sought for operating licenses to establish online sportsbooks in several US states that have legalized online sports betting. In this endeavor, the sportsbook has been quite successful as it has been granted operating licenses by several states including the state of Virginia. However, at the present moment Bally Bet has only gone live in two states that is, Colorado and Iowa.   

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When the Sportsbook Launched in Virginia

The Virginia State Lottery Commission approved the application of Bally Bet as one of the first 20 operators to be granted licenses. Bally Bet was granted an operating license in March 2021. Ever since the time the sportsbook received its license, it has been working hard to put everything in order in preparation for its launch. At the present moment, no launch date has been given but there are hopes the date will come sooner rather than later.   

Bally Bet’ Partnering Land Based Casinos in Virginia 

The state of Virginia differs from most other US states in that it does not require a prospective online sports betting operator to establish a partnership with a tribal casino or retail sportsbook in order to be granted an operating license. Due to this, Bally Bet has not established a partnership with any land based casino.  

Bally Bet Virginia Gambling Products Offered

Bally Bet has not as of yet officially launched in the state of Virginia. As such, it’s not clear at the present moment to tell the gambling products that this sportsbook will offer. However, as a new entrant in an environment dominated by several sportsbooks doing a lot of good things, Bally Bet will need to match them or better still eclipse the competition. This, in essence, therefore gives punters hope that they can expect loads of good stuff at Bally Bet including the support of a whole host of gambling products which include traditional sports as well as niche sports.  

 Betting Types Offered 

Owing to the fact that Bally Bet has not yet gone live in Virginia, it’s difficult to tell what to expect when it comes to the betting types front. However, the sportsbook is expected in the very least to match what the competition is doing. As such, players can expect a wide variety of betting markets to be supported talk of moneyline bets, parlays, teasers, round-robins, futures, players’ props as well as team props. 

With Bally Bet still to go live, all that Virginia punters can do at the present moment is to wait and hope that when the sportsbook finally launches, it will offer some great services and products. Nothing short is expected as the competition has already laid out the example of what to emulate.