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PrizePicks is a daily fantasy sports operator whose main aim is to disrupt (of course in a positive way) and revolutionize the fantasy sports scene. Entering in an arena that’s already dominated by some household names, PrizePicks would simply need to offer the absolute best to win the hearts of punters. Well, we are glad to state that PrizePicks excels superbly when it comes to this. There are four things which make PrizePicks stand out of the competition and we are going to highlight these before we go any further:

  1. Simple fantasy sports games for all players: PrizePicks offers a ridiculously simple fantasy sports experience to all players. this necessitated by the fact that instead of players competing against other players for points, players playing PrizePicks simply back their athletes to go over/under the fantasy totals predictions!
  2. Fuse different sports/sports players on one ticket: With PrizePicks, players may pick players from different sports or leagues and place them on a single ticket! This is something that’s totally unheard of in the fantasy sports arena
  3. Huge payouts for winners: There is no need to crack one’s head when it comes to working out the odds/payouts when it comes to PrizePicks. Players simply need to note that all tickets with 4 or more selections pay 10x the entry fee. In essence, this means if the player wagers $50 and the ticket wins, the payout won is a cool $500!
  4. Accessible to players based in all states including those that have not legalized sports betting

Prize Picks Promo Code

 How to Register on PrizePicks

A fantasy sports adventure at PrizePicks start when players register their accounts. To register their fantasy accounts, players need to follow the steps below:

  1. Search for the official PrizePicks site at
  2. Once the player lands on the homepage, navigate to the top of the screen and click on SIGN IN button
  3. The SIGN IN button redirects the player to the registration page. Once on the registration page, the player needs to input his first name, last name, email address, preferred password, date of birth, and physical address, if the player has a referral code, the code needs to be used here
  4. Once the player finishes the steps above, the last thing to do is to click on the CREATE ACCOUNT button to finish the registration process.   

Banking Methods


  • PayPal


  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover

Sports Betting Services Offered

When it comes to PrizePicks, the fantasy sports platform does support a wide variety of sports. Players need to be aware of the fact that when picking their athletes, it’s very much possible to combine athletes from two or more different sports. This is one of the things which separate and different PrizePicks from other fantasy sports platforms. The sports supported are as follows:

  • Disc Golf
  • WNBA
  • Valorant
  • Truck Racing
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Rocket League
  • PGA
  • NHL
  • Cricket
  • NBA
  • MMA
  • MLB
  • League of Legends
  • Jai Alai
  • CS: GO
  • Call of Duty

Casino Games

PrizePicks does not offer any casino games. 

PrizePicks Promotions

PrizePicks does offer a variety of bonuses and promotions. However, the two constants at the platform are the welcome offer and the referral bonus. To all of its newly registered players, PrizePicks offers a 100% deposit bonus. Simply put, this means PrizePicks doubles the first deposit made by the player. A new players who deposits $100 will see his first deposit matched meaning he will have a total of $200 in his account.

The referral bonus is a bonus which rewards all players who refer their friends to the platform. Players simply need to generate and get their unique referral code from their accounts and proceed to share them with family and friends. All referred friends who join the platform using the referral code will help the referrer to get a $25 bonus!

Mobile App

PrizePicks does have a mobile app but at the present moment, the mobile app is only available to Android users.   

Round Up

PrizePicks is a fantasy sports platform with a difference. This difference is very much positive and hence the reason PrizePicks has quickly endeared itself with a lot of fantasy players. Some of the great things when it comes to PrizePicks include the fact that it allows players to back their favourite athletes against their probable fantasy outcomes. Also, the platform allows players to combine players from different sports on just a single ticket and allows players from states that haven’t legalized sports betting to access the platform. The major downside that the platform really needs to work on is to increase the banking methods it supports for both deposits and withdrawals.