What is Round Robin Betting

A round robin bet is very similar to a Parlay, in that you are combining multiple single bets into one betslip. The difference is that a round robin will consist of much fewer legs that a parlay. Think of a Round Robin like lego blocks that help to make up a bigger Parlay.

How to make a Round Robin bet

Once you see how to make a Round Robin bet you will have a much better understanding of how they work and what they are. The fist step in making a round robin, is to make a Parlay. Start building your Parlay by adding mutiple bets and picks to the same betslip. You can not make round robin bets from a Same Game Parlay. Once you have finished your Parlay, check on the betslip. Depending on the sportsbook, you will see an option for Round Robin, and then it will list various options, such as 2 pick round robins, or 3 pick round robins (all depending how many legs are on your parlay). The sportsbook will then automatically break up your Parlay into these separate round robin picks, so you might end of with 3 round robin bets for example.

Is a Round Robin a good bet?

It is generally understood that a Round Robin is not a very good choice for betting. Yes you are creating potential upside for yourself by breaking the parlay into different units, but the odds also get “diluted”, so does your potential winning. The best round robin strategy is to use it for moneyline picks for underdogs picks.