How to make a Prop Bet

Prop bets have become one of the most popular types of betting, as they add in a deeper layer to the viewing experience. Player props are placed on individual player’s performances, while game props let you bet on different scenarios unfolding in the course of the game.

We’ll break down both types of bets, examples, strategies, and how to place a prop bet.

Player Props

Like typical game spreads and over/unders, certain players have listed props for their own performance that you can bet on. See all or NFL player prop bet picks.

In football, you’ll be able to place bets on a player’s over/under for passing, rushing, or receiving yards and also place bets on them to score a touchdown.

For example, in Super Bowl LV, you could have bet on Travis Kelce’s receiving yards line, which was set at 95.5 yards. If you bet his over, you would have won the bet, as he finished with 133 yards.

Touchdown props are another popular category. If you felt like Rob Gronkowski was due to score a touchdown, you could have placed a bet for him to score at +200 odds. He ended up scoring twice.

These bets work the same for any major sport. In the NBA, you can bet on various star players to hit their overs for their projected points. Most sportsbooks also offer a “points-rebounds-assists” bet, which gives you a line of the combination of all those stats on a given night.

Game Props

Game props are a bit different, as they’re not usually tied to a single player – though the players in the game certainly matter when placing your bets.

In the NBA, one popular game prop is to bet on the over/under of total three-pointers made. The lines vary by teams playing, but if a game is held between two teams that prefer to shoot the three, it can be a wise bet to take the over on total three-pointers made.

This year, for example, the Jazz and Trail Blazers shoot the most threes per game, at 42. That’s a lot of opportunities to make the threes, and a game prop like that might make sense for you.

In the NFL, game props tend to focus on scoring, with over/unders set for total touchdowns scored. As with any bet, finding value with strong offenses and weak defenses is your best strategy for betting on these types of props.

How to Make a Prop Bet

As mentioned, prop bets have been growing in popularity, with some bettors solely focused on player props. With the rise of daily fantasy, there is a growing amount of data available to bettors as it relates to individual performance. Prop bets give us one horse in the race instead of needing to rely on another team.

Your sportsbook should have prop bets available. They may be under the game you’ve selected or their own category. 

The bets are placed the same as if you’re betting on a spread or an over/under. Lines are set by oddsmakers who factor in recent performance and the opposition. 

Player props are a fun way to get involved in every play as a viewer and can become a successful betting strategy.