DraftKings Gift Card

It’s common knowledge that when players settle at any online sportsbook, there is one important thing that they need to do before they start enjoying the betting services offered. This one important thing relates to funding one’s account. Only players with funds in their accounts can place real money wagers and as such, it’s a prerequisite for players to ensure that their accounts are loaded at all times.

To ensure that players keep their accounts loaded, online sportsbooks do offer a wide variety of banking methods. The convenience brought about by the wide variety of banking methods supported at sportsbook give players’ peace of mind when it comes to choosing the perfect and preferred deposit option. To even further the number of supported deposit methods, leading online sportsbook in the US DraftKings in the recent past released the DraftKings Gift Card. In this article, we are going to explore the DraftKings Gift Card looking at how the card works and how to get one. Check out Draftkings login

What is the DraftKings Gift Card?

Simply put, the DraftKings Gift Card is a redeemable coupon which allows players to load their DraftKings accounts online. Players simply need to purchase the gift card and proceed to input the gift card voucher number in their accounts and instantly, their accounts will be credited with funds. The DraftKings Gift Card is truly a great option when it comes to making deposits at DraftKings more so for players who value their anonymity online hence worrisome of using their debit/credit cards.

How does the DraftKings Gift Card Work?

The DraftKings Gift Card is used only to load funds in the player’s account. Below is a detailed illustration of how players can use the gift card to load funds in their accounts:

  1. Login to your DraftKings account
  2. Head over to ‘My Account’ section and select the ‘Deposits’ option
  3. From the available deposit options listed, choose the ‘Gift Card’ option
  4. Once the gift card option is selected, the player is required to input the gift card voucher number. This number is available on the backside of the gift card
  5. Enter the three-digit CVS code on the backside of the gift card
  6. Enter the amount you want to deposit and click Confirm for the transaction to be processed.

How to Get a DraftKings Gift Card / Pre-Paid Card

The DraftKings Gift Card can be purchased from select retail outlets or online. Below we list all of the retail outlets that are currently selling the gift card.

  • Dollar General
  • 7 Eleven
  • PC Games Supply
  • Sheetz
  • Speedway
  • DraftKings.com – online option which will see the gift card mailed to the player’s residential address

DraftKings Gift Card Denominations

At the present moment, players ought to note that the gift card is only available in two denominations. These are the $25 card and the $50 card.

Benefits of Using the DraftKings Gift Card

  • Online safety and security: The gift card guarantees player safety and security online. This necessitated by the fact that the player avoids sharing their card details when looking to make a deposit
  • Enables the player to bypass banks that block gambling transactions: Some banks prohibit their users from using their credit/debit cards at online gambling sites. Players who choose to use the gift card however are guaranteed at all times smooth transactions when making deposits
  • Receive cashback loyalty points: Each time the player purchases and uses a gift card, s/he receives 1-3% cashback loyalty points. The loyalty points once they accumulate can be redeemed for cash!


  1. Can I check the balance on my card?

Yes, it’s very much possible to check your card balance. To check the card balance, the player simply needs to input the gift card 16-digit voucher number on the ‘Deposits – Gift Card’ option and the balance is displayed.

  • How long does the gift card remain active?

The DraftKings Gift Card remains active for a period of 12 months from the time it’s scanned by the cashier or processed online.

  • Can I purchase the DraftKings Gift Card online?

Yes, the DraftKings Gift Card can be purchased online. Simply visit the DraftKings.com site and purchase the gift card online. Once you purchase, the gift card will be mailed to the player’s residential address.