BetAmerica Registration Guide

BetAmerica is an online gambling platform of choice for most American casino players and sports punters. The reason behind simply being the fact that BetAmerica offers a whole host of gambling products which cater to the needs of different types of players. The online gambling platform offers sportsbook services, online casino games as well as the horse racing platform.  

Offering such a wide range of gambling products, it’s no wonder why many casino players and sports punters are in love with BetAmerica. For those who are eager to join the multitudes of players and punters who ply their trade at BetAmerica, they ought to note that the first thing required from them is to register accounts with BetAmerica first. Registering accounts with BetAmerica isn’t a tough thing to do; rather, it’s a very easy and simple process as will be seen below when we start outlining all the steps required.  

How to register with BetAmerica

  1. The first step that players looking to open accounts at BetAmerica have to do is to search for the BetAmerica official site from any web browser of their choice. It’s important to note on this front that even using mobile web browsers is okay when looking to open an account at BetAmerica
  2. Once BetAmerica’s landing page pops up, the next thing that players need to do is to search for the particular product they want. There are three options available that is, the Sportsbook, Casino and Horse Racing
  3. When players choose the product they want, they are redirected to the homepage of that particular product. If for instance players choose the Sportsbook option, they are redirected to the Sportsbook homepage where they have to click on the SIGN UP button located at the top of the homepage to be redirected to the registration page
  4. Once players reach the registration page, a sign up form pops up which players are required to complete. On the sign up form, players are required to input their personal details which include the first name, last name, date of birth, email address and the last four Social Security Number digits
  5. Once players have provided all of the info requested, they can proceed to complete the account registration process by clicking on the Complete button. It’s important to note that by doing so, players will become members at BetAmerica but they will not be verified members. In order to become verified members and to ensure no concerns arise when initiating withdrawals, players need to verify their accounts by submitting their identification papers. Players may submit the identification papers online or physically.  

The account registration process at BetAmerica is quiet a simple and easy process that can be done by anyone. It’s important to note however that the registration process can only be undertaken by persons above the age of majority that is, above 21 years of age. One needs to have proper legal documents in order to register an account for identification purposes. Only players physically present in the state can register accounts as the site uses geolocation services to determine the location of players.