Best Parlay Bonuses

Parlay betting has become a huge hit in the United States as bettors continue to look for ways to earn a higher payout. There is more risk involved with parlay betting, but some sportsbooks are adding extra incentives to make this type of wager.

You will find parlay bonuses at a number of the top sites in the United States, and this article will discuss some of those sites. These bonuses will also come in many different forms, and those will be discussed in more detail below.

Parlay Booster

PointsBet, DraftKings, and BetRivers are three sites that currently feature what is called a parlay booster. This is a bonus or promotion that allows you to increase the odds for your parlay if you add a certain number of legs to your bet.

PointsBet requires just three legs to activate the parlay booster, while DraftKings typically requires at least four legs. By reaching the minimum number of legs, you can automatically click the parlay booster button to increase the odds. 

Parlay Insurance

Another great bonus that can be found at a number of sites is what is known as parlay insurance. This insurance works differently for every site, and it is important to read all of the terms and conditions before participating in this type of bonus.

Sites will offer some sort of insurance policy if you win all but one of the legs of the parlay. This takes away some of the risk involved, but you still will have to win all but one of them for this bonus to be unlocked. 

Same Game Parlay Insurance

Now that parlays have started to become extremely popular in the United States, sportsbooks are starting to offer what is called a “Same Game Parlay.” Usually, you are unable to add bets from the same market into a parlay, but that’s exactly how you build a bet of this kind.

FanDuel Sportsbook and PointsBet Sportsbook are both running the same game parlay insurance promotions at this time, and it can give you a little bit of protection when making this type of bet. Each site has different initial requirements, but the bonus is almost exactly the same.

Simply place the same game parlay, and if all but one of the legs hit, then you will be given a site credit up to a certain dollar amount. This is a great insurance policy that takes away some of the risk involved. See our Parlay Predictions for today or Parlay Calculator

Percentage Boost

BetMGM is one of the top online sportsbooks that offers a percentage boost based on the number of legs that you add onto your parlay. This is a way for the site to entice you to add on extra legs to make a bet more difficult, but it can also have a huge payout for you as well.

This is a very simple parlay bonus, and you can see how much it can affect your parlay each time that you add a new leg. Simply build your parlay at BetMGM, and you will be rewarded with a different percentage bonus for every additional leg.