Twinspires Arizona

Most American folks associate the Twinspires brand with horse racing. Well, there is a reason why this is the case. Twinspires first emerged as a horse racing brand all the way back in 2007 in Arizona. Twinspires quickly enjoyed massive success and it expanded its operations to 30 other states. For a longtime, Twinspires continued to operate as a horse racing platform but that changed in 2018 soon after the strike down of the blanket ban on all online sports betting services. With online sports betting services now legalized, Twinspires decided to diversify and venture into online sports betting. Instead of using the name Twinspires, it chose to operate as BetAmerica.

BetAmerica found the going tough in an environment dominated by other leading online sports betting brands. Against this background, the plug was pulled on BetAmerica as an online sports betting brand. Some revamps were made and BetAmerica transformed (or some would say reverted) into Twinspires Sportsbook. Amongst the very first states that Twinspires Sportsbook opened operations in is the state of Arizona.

When did Twinspires Launch in Arizona

As a state, Arizona legalized online sports betting services in April 2021. It is during that time that the state invited applications from prospective online sportsbooks looking to set up shop in the state. Numerous applications were received and some were approved. Among those approved is Twinspires Sportsbook. Twinspires Sportsbooks just like many other sportsbooks approved in Virginia are stilling finessing things in the background and haven’t as yet gone live. There is a general feeling that most will go live just before the commencement of the upcoming NFL season.   

Twinspires’ Partnering Land Based Casinos in Arizona 

In inviting applications for sports betting licenses, the state of Arizona made it crystal clear that prospective online sports betting operators needed to establish partnerships with either tribal casinos or professional sports teams for their applications to be considered and approved. To satisfy this requirement, Twinspires tied a market access deal with the Tonto Apache tribe. Thanks to this deal, Twinspires managed to establish a partnership with the Tonto Apache Hotel & Casino in Payson, Arizona.

Twinspires Arizona Gambling Products Offered

Twinspires has had a dance before in the online sports betting industry operating as BetAmerica. Though BetAmerica found the going tough, it certainly learnt a few lessons including hard ones on how to successfully run a sportsbook and become a leading brand. The invaluable lessons learnt will definitely make Twinspires a bigger and better brand and the evidence of this will largely come from the gambling products it will offer. Though at the present moment we cannot state clearly what Twinspires will offer, it’s safe to say that punters can expect to enjoy a wide range of gambling products. These will definitely cover all the popular traditional sports as well as niche sports.  

 Betting Types Offered 

To compete with the best and become the very best, Twinspires will need to see to it that it supports a wide range of betting markets so as to cater to the needs of different types of players. It is against this background that we make permutations that players at Twinspires Arizona can expect to place bets on the following markets: moneyline, handicaps, teasers, round-robins, parlays, futures, players’ props and team props. 

As Twinspires Arizona is yet to go live, all that Arizona folks can do at the present moment is to wait and hope for the best. With Twinspires having learnt some hard lessons during its time as BetAmerica, punters can expect a truly revitalized sportsbook that will offer nothing but the absolute best when it comes to sports betting services and products.