FanDuel Arizona

Arizona for long has been a gambling state. However, its focus on the gambling front has largely been restricted to tribal casinos gambling. Even after the landmark ruling by the US Supreme Court was passed which legalized online sports betting, Arizona remained for a time adamant to allow tribal gambling only. Things however take a turn as the state legislators and other key stakeholders realized the massive revenue that can come via online sports betting. The change ultimately led the state of Arizona to rethink its position on online sports betting and a decision was made to legalize it. The Arizona Gaming Commission was tasked with overseeing online sports betting in the state. Find out how to delete your Fanduel Account.

As the overseer of online sports betting in the state of Arizona, The Arizona Gaming Commission did pronounce that 20 online operating licenses are up for grabs with ten of those reserved for professional sports teams and locations while the remainder is reserved for tribal casinos. Unsurprisingly, FanDuel which is a giant in the online sports betting business was one of the very first operators to show an interest in venturing into the Arizona market. FanDuel’s intentions were duly noted and it was approved as one of the very first online sportsbooks to go live in the state.   

When did Fanduel Launch in Arizona

FanDuel hasn’t as of yet launched in Arizona. Well, the thing is, no online sportsbook hasn’t as of yet launched in the state. This necessitated by the fact that all operators can only officially launch on or after September 9, 2021 – the date promulgated by the Arizona Gaming Commission to be the date when online sports betting officially goes live in the state. Players based in the state of Arizona therefore ought to note that they can only check info on FanDuel’s official opening once the date September 9, 2021 passes.      

FanDuel’ Partnering Land Based Casinos in Arizona

The only way that FanDuel could land an operating license as per the application requirements of the Arizona Gaming Commission was to establish a partnership with either a professional sports team or a tribal casino. FanDuel did choose the former and it established a partnership with the Phoenix Suns.     

FanDuel Arizona Gambling Products Offered

FanDuel hasn’t as of yet gone live in the state of Arizona but if we are to take a cue from the states it operates already, then Arizona punters are certainly in for a great treat. This necessitated by the fact that FanDuel is synonymous with offering a wide variety of sports ranging from both traditional sports as well as niche sports. Punters therefore need to keep checking info on the official launch dates to see when FanDuel will go live in Arizona and the gambling products it will offer.  

 Betting Types Offered 

Even though FanDuel has not officially went live in the state of Arizona, one can state with utmost conviction that all Arizona punters can expect to encounter loads of different bet types each time they are about to place their wagers. This necessitated by the fact that in all the states FanDuel operates in, it offers a multiplicity of bet types on all sports supported.

The projected launch of online sports betting in Arizona is September 9, 2021. All punters based in the state will thus have to keep this in cognizance and check the events on the day to see if FanDuel will be one of those sportsbooks that go live first in the state.