BetMGM Arizona

The state of Arizona in April 2021 joined several other US states that have taken the decision to legalize retail and online sports betting. All folks based in the state of Arizona can now brace for some incredible sports betting adventures as soon as the 20 licensed sports operators in the state commence operations. Among the 20 operators that have been granted sports betting licenses is BetMGM. In this article, we are going to look at what folks in Arizona can expect when they choose to place their sports bets at BetMGM Arizona. Aspiring sports punters at BetMGM Arizona ought to note that they have to be 21 years or older to register their sportsbook accounts as per the state regulations.

When did BetMGM Launch in Arizona

The state of Arizona just recently announced that the ban on all online sports betting activities had been lifted. Soon after, it invited applications from all prospective operators looking to set up shop in the state. BetMGM was one of the operators that showed an interest and its bid to set up shop in the state was approved. BetMGM hasn’t however as of yet officially launched. However, it has made promises that it will go live in the state before the commencement of the regular NFL season. Players can therefore expect the BetMGM Arizona site to go live anytime soon.   

BetMGM Partnering Land Based Casinos in Arizona 

The sports betting regulations in Arizona state that any prospective online sports betting operator has to partner with a tribal casino or professional sports team in the state in order to commence operations. BetMGM chose not to opt for one or the other but rather, it did establish partnerships with both a tribal casino and a professional sports team. The tribal casino that BetMGM partnered with is the Gila River Hotels & Casinos while the professional sports team is the Arizona Cardinals.

BetMGM Arizona Gambling Products Offered

As the BetMGM Arizona sports betting site hasn’t gone live as yet, we cannot state with absolute conviction the gambling products that it will offer. However, taking a cue from other BetMGM sites in different states, players in Arizona can expect to place bets on a combination of both popular sports leagues talk of the NFL, NBA, MLB AND NHL as well as niche sports. One beautiful thing when it comes to the BetMGM Arizona gambling products is that the sportsbook has guaranteed college sports betting. Punters can therefore place bets on both in-state college and out-state college sports. However, as is the norm countrywide, live bets aren’t allowed for college sports betting. See also BetMGM One Game Parlay

 Betting Types Offered 

Though the BetMGM Arizona sports betting site is yet to go live, it’s almost a guarantee that the top betting markets will be offered. Straight bets, parlays, futures, player and team props are all guaranteed to be supported on the majority of sports. Punters therefore really not need worry about the bet types, if there is anything to worry about, its how they can manage their bankroll to suit their betting strategy as all betting markets will be supported.