DraftKings Sportsbook Wyoming

Unsurprisingly, DraftKings was one of the very first online sportsbooks to launch in the state of Wyoming on September 1, 2021 – the official launch date of online sports betting in Wyoming. Having garnered a reputation for being one of the leading sportsbook brands in the US, it was almost a guarantee that DraftKings would announce its entry into the Wyoming online sports betting scene as soon as possible. With DraftKings already live in Wyoming, lets take some time to check out all there is to know about this online sportsbook. 

When the Sportsbook Launched in Wyoming

In sync with all other US states, the state of Wyoming benefitted immensely from the landmark ruling passed by the US Supreme Court in 2018 which lifted the blanket ban on online sports betting activities. With online sports betting legalized at the federal level, the state of Wyoming moved to legalize online sports betting at state level. After several rounds of debates and discussions, the bill which effectively legalized online sports betting in the state finally passed through the Senate and was assented to in April 2021. Soon after, the application process was opened and all online sportsbook operators with interests to operate in Wyoming were invited to send their applications. DraftKings was one of those operators that sent an application and it was approved. The operator worked hard to put these in place and by September 1, 2021, the official launch date of online sports betting in Wyoming, DraftKings had finessed everything and it went live on the official launch date!   

DraftKings’ Partnering Land Based Casinos in Wyoming  

Unlike most other US states that have legalized online sports betting, the state of Wyoming did not make it a prerequisite for prospective online sportsbook operators to seek partnerships with retail casinos in order to receive operating licenses. Owing to this, DraftKings applied for an operating license exclusively and was successful.

Betting Products Offered at DraftKings Wyoming

The DraftKings Wyoming mobile betting app is now up and running and sports punters are treated to all sorts of sports and betting products. Unsurprisingly, the major focus of punters when it comes to DraftKings Wyoming are the traditionally popular sports such as the NFL, NBA, MLB and the NHL among others. However, these aren’t the only sports offered. Other niche sports such as billiards, darts and pool are also offered. With the state of Wyoming putting no restrictions on college sports betting, punters ought to note that they have the opportunity to place bets on different college sports leagues and tournaments.   

DraftKings is one of the most respected sports betting brands in the US and it is proving why this is the case in Wyoming. The online sportsbook is proving this fact through its rich and quality offerings talk of both traditional and niche sports betting products, the support of a wide variety of banking methods for both deposits and withdrawals as well as the availing of numerous bonus and promotional perks which include the 20% match bonus of up to $1,000 for all newly registered punters.