WagerTalk Picks

When punters start placing their bets, one of their main objectives will be to reap some rewards in the form of wins/payouts. Unfortunately, it’s not every punter who manages to achieve this objective. This necessitated by a myriad of factors one of which pertains to a lack of adequate gambling knowledge and skill. Well, if you are one such punter who has been unfortunate in the online gambling arena. Then you will certainly love the news we are bringing you today. This news has something to do with WagerTalk, a sports betting consultant whose mission is to help punters become successful in their gambling adventures.  

How WagerTalk Works

WagerTalk is a sports betting consultant. For those who might not know, a sports betting consultant is like a research assistant which helps doing all the hard research work making it easy for you – the punter to know which bets are ‘sure’ bets that will highly likely return some rewards. As a sports betting consultant, WagerTalk performs some sports betting predictive analysis and uses some unique sports betting systems to devise probable and sure bets. These sure bets are referred to as Picks and all those players who select these picks and use them have a 50+% win success rate in their gambling adventures!

Picks Provided

Picks are just sure and probable bets. What this simply means is that the likelihood of these bets to win is very high owing to the sports betting predictive analysis employed by the sports betting consultant to come up with the bets. Picks are showcased in the form of betting markets – more specifically, completed betting markets. At WagerTalk, the NFL Picks provided include Straight bets, Parlays, Handicaps, Team Props and Player Props.

Leagues Supported

WagerTalks offers Picks on the following leagues:

  • Major League Baseball
  • National Basketball Association
  • National Hockey League
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • KBO
  • CFB
  • MMA
  • HR
  • TNS
  • BSB


Punters looking to use the WagerTalk Picks ought to know that they have two options available at their disposal. First, there are the Buy Picks. When it comes to these Picks, players must pay a little fee upfront before they can access them.

 There are three types of Buy Picks offered which are the 1 Day Power Pass, 1 Week Power Pass and the 30 Day Power Pass. The 1 Day Power Pass allows punters to get exclusive access of all Picks covering different leagues in a 24 hour period for just $199. The 1 Week Power Pass allows players exclusive access to Picks for 7 straight days and it costs $599. The 30 Day Power Pass can be accessed for 30 straight days and it costs $1,499.

Apart from the Buy Picks, there are also some Free Picks offered. However, these aren’t offered at all times but on special occasions. Punters looking to take advantage of the Free Picks will therefore need to constantly check and visit the official WagerTalk site.  

Round Up

WagerTalk employs some top sports betting experts in the mould of Tokyo Brandon, Tony Mejia, Dwayne Bryant, Steve Merril, Marco D’Angelo, Teddy Covers, Andrew McInnis, Bryan Leonard, Hakeem Profit and Ralph Michaels. Thanks to the expertise of these sports betting gurus, the Picks offered at WagerTalk have a high success win rate guarantee.