Vegas Dave Picks

Gambling – is it a thing of chance or perhaps it’s a game of skill. Well, by taking a close look at the most successful gamblers, it’s safe to say that gambling is a game of skill. Yes luck plays a part in gambling but to be very successful in gambling, one needs to have the requisite gambling skills. What are these skills we are talking about? The skills we are referring to here are the skills to do sports betting analysis and research.

Sports betting analysis and research – what does this entail? Well, this entails a lot of hard work and effort put into studying the performances of various teams and players over a certain period. It also entails doing some research even on stuff such as the prevailing weather conditions on the day that a certain match is going to take place. Can all punters do this hard work and put in the effort to do the analysis and research – the simple answer is no. If you happen to fall into this category, then know that you have a readymade partner in Vegas Dave, a sports betting consultant that does all the hard analysis and research work for you leaving you to just place your bet and withdraw your winnings!

How Vegas Dave Works

To illustrate the brilliant work that Vegas Dave does, we are going to use the example of John. John is a nerd who is very good in maths and science. John does have a compassionate heart and from time to time, he helps his friends with their maths and science work. This in turn enables his friends to score high marks in class and also in their exams. At the end of the day, John and his friends all excel in their studies.

Using the analogue above, John does symbolize Vegas Dave. Vegas Dave in reality is a sports betting consultant that uses its excellent analytical and research skills to come up with the most probable winning odds for upcoming sports matches/events. Vegas Dave however doesn’t use the research findings for its own benefit but rather, it shares the findings with all other punters making it possible for other punters to also benefit from Vegas Dave’s great sports betting analytical and research skills. 

Picks Provided

Using the analogue above, when Vegas Dave is doing the research work and presenting the research findings, it’s guided by betting markets. Betting markets refer to the betting options offered at sports books and bookmakers. An example of this is the Match Result, this betting market entails predicting the result of a match/event. Owing to this, the findings that are presented by Vegas Dave will explicitly state the team that’s highly likely going to win a match. In Vegas Dave’s technical lingo, these findings are dubbed as Picks. Other Picks (predictions on specified betting markets) offered by Vegas Dave  include correct score, parlays, straight bets, handicaps, team props as well as player props.

Leagues Supported

Vegas Dave is there to help punters find success in their gambling adventures. As such, it offers expert Picks on majority of sporting disciplines and leagues in the US which includes:

  • Major League Baseball
  • National Basketball Association
  • National Hockey League


Though Vegas Dave is here to help punters, there are some costs that have to be covered in terms of keeping the site afloat as well as the upkeep of the experts who do the arduous work of sports betting analysis and research. Owing to this, those who want some help from Vegas Dave in terms of receiving Picks will need to pay a little something. On any day that a punter will like to receive Picks from Vegas Dave, they will need to pay $99 for the Daily Sports Card. Those willing to pay using crypto will receive a 20% discount meaning they pay an equivalent of $79.   

Round Up

Doc’s Sports has been in business since 1971. Doc’s Sports’ longevity in this business certainly is a testament on its own to the excellent work it has been doing. Just to showcase the brilliance of the site, punters ought to know that at the present moment, Doc’s Sports employs top punters in the mould of Arun Shiva – the Indian Cowboy, Robert Ferringo, Raphael Esparza, Alan Harris, Allen Eastman, Vernon Croy, Tony George, and Jason Sharpe among others as the team that makes all the hard work of analysis and research.