ZenSports is an innovative book that is set to launch in the United States shortly. It will go live in Nevada, but its goal is to expand the sportsbooks presence throughout legal sports betting states in America. The company has made a deal with Boulter Developments to expand into Colorado after Nevada. 

What Makes ZenSports Unique

ZenSports is highly unique because it does not require a central bookmaker. Anyone can create and accept sports bets from anyone in the world. The book is legal in 87 countries, including Canada and Mexico. 

When ZenSports joins the United States market, gamblers will be able to bet and connect with people globally. This is something that no other legal sportsbook can offer in the United States. 

ZenSports has been operating since March of 2019 on an international level. When the company joins the United States market, it will take a massive step towards competing with industry leaders like DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM.

How Zensports Works

ZenSports lets its players create wagers for a variety of sports. You set the odds as a bettor and then send it to the market for someone to accept. Since the book is available in 87 countries, there are always bettors who will take a reasonable wager.

Once the bet is accepted, the wager takes place. If the bettor wins, they are given their payout by the bookmaker. If the bookie wins, the bettor pays them their initial risk. 

If there is a dispute on the book, the ZenSports.com marketplace will vote on the issue. Bet makers pay 1% to the book, and the wager takers are given a 2.5% fee on winnings.

Zensports Banking Options

The best part about ZenSports is that a bettor can use cryptocurrency to fund their account. Cryptocurrency is nonexistent in the legal betting market in the United States. Cryptocurrency is common for offshore sports betting.

The cryptocurrency aspect of ZenSports makes it unlikely to launch in the United States in the short term. The benefit of cryptocurrency is that it cannot be tracked or taxed by the government. The United States government is attempting to put rules in place to monitor cryptocurrency, but citizens are fighting this effort.

ZenSports has started the process to launch in Nevada, so only time will tell if the sportsbook goes live in the United States. 

ZenSports has its own form of cryptocurrency called tokens. These are exclusive to the site, and bettors can save 2% by using this form of cryptocurrency instead of traditional currencies.  

Zensports Bonuses

ZenSports has received rave reviews for its bonuses. The sportsbook gives bettors in its loyalty program 2% back on their monthly bets. You must fit a betting criterion to be eligible for this reward. 

Bonuses are also available to people who do not withdraw their tokens frequently. Additionally, players that use tokens will be dealt bonus chances. There is no initial deposit bonus on the app, which could hurt the book.  

All legal books in America have a welcome bonus, so this may not be received well in the United States. 

Zensports Mobile App

ZenSports is 100% mobile, and there is no desktop view for the book. This is unique because all sportsbooks have a website. ZenSports has an informational website with a blog about the book, but you will need to wager from the mobile app.

It’s available on the Apple store for iOS and the Google Play store for Android.