BettHouse Sportsbook

BettHouse is a revolutionary sportsbook that is about to launch in the United States sports betting market. BettHouse is not like any other book that is currently operating. The concept behind BettHouse is unique in the sense that bettors will have the ability to place micro-bets. 

Micro bets are wagers that focus on a small portion of a contest, like a single possession in football. The theory behind the BettHouse has many people in the sports betting industry believing that this will be the trend of the market in the future. 

BettHouse Sportsbook Availability

BettHouse will launch in Iowa in April of 2021. The sportsbook plans to go live in four other states by the end of the year. BettHouse had the goal of launching in Iowa in January to take advantage of the Super Bowl, but the product was not completely ready, so the company decided to wait. 

It’s not clear what other states BettHouse will be available in by the end of 2021, but President Nitin Jain has committed to a rapid expansion. It’s also believed that BettHouse will attempt to go live at some locations in Canada. The growth of BettHouse will be widely determined by how the book is judged when it becomes available in Iowa in April.

BettHouse Sign-Up Bonus

It’s not clear what the sign-up bonus will be on BettHouse when the book goes live. However, there will be a welcome reward for new players to take advantage of on the site. The best way to make an immediate impact in a market is through bonuses, so expect BettHouse to deliver in this category quickly. 

The BettHouse App

BettHouse will offer an app to players, but it’s labeled as “Coming Soon” on the book’s website. The slow development of the app was a critical reason that the book could not launch in January. The pictures of the app make it look like a platform that’s easy to navigate.

Due to the app’s micro bet concept, it appears that you will be able to stream games right from the platform. This is one area where other sports betting sites will not be able to compete. 

The Technology

The technology behind BettHouse is operated by Bet.Works and Simplebet. These two technology companies utilize a micro bet engine, which enables every moment of a contest to become an opportunity that can be wagered. 

The technology reads what is occurring in the game to come up with bets on the spot. Therefore, a lot of the micro bets on the site will seem like real-time props. Additionally, bettors will still be able to lock in traditional pregame wagers. 

What can you Wager on BettHouse?

The mission of BettHouse is to create a sportsbook that appeals to bettors of all different levels. On BettHouse, bettors will have an excellent chance of winning. This is because of the more straightforward bets and faster payouts on the site. Here are some of the exciting parts about BettHouse concerning individual sports.

  • Football – You can wager every catch, pass, run, and play type on the sportsbook.
  • Baseball – You can bet every inning, pitch, and at-bat on the site. This will make betting on baseball a lot more popular because it will speed up the game’s slow nature.
  • Basketball – Bet every possession before it occurs. You can pick if a player will score or what type of basket a team will make on a possession.

The concept behind BettHouse is revolutionary. It takes live betting and makes it even more exciting. I believe it will be a massive success in Iowa and in the other four American states, where it will launch in 2021. If BettHouse is successful, it will innovate the sports betting industry around the world.