Weather Plays Key Factor in Betting NFL Totals

NFL betting is extremely popular in the United States, and the sport of football is the most popular betting market. One of the most popular NFL betting types is what is known as “totals” or an over/under bet.

This type of bet does not look at the winning or losing team at all but rather focuses on the total number of points scored in an NFL game. This has become popular because some bettors think it is easier to bet on the number of points rather than try to determine which team will win an NFL game. Be sure to take a look at our NFL Totals Picks.

When betting on NFL totals, one thing that can affect the outcome of this type of bet is the weather. Most NFL games are played outdoors, and there can be some very adverse weather conditions in those games.

Below are some things to consider when looking at the weather in terms of betting NFL totals. 

Look for “Running Teams”

If you are looking to cancel out the weather altogether, then you will want to look for those teams that run the football well. The National Football League has turned into a passing league, but there are still those teams that do their most damage running the football.

If you are looking to bet on a matchup that features two teams that run the football, then the weather shouldn’t have much of an effect at all. Those teams will be able to play with the same strategy no matter what the weather conditions.

Another situation that isn’t affected by the weather is a game that takes place indoors. Be sure to know and understand the teams that play in a dome stadium, as those NFL betting totals will not be affected by the lines at all. 

Usually Leads to “Under Results”

When you are thinking about the weather as it relates to NFL totals betting, it will almost always affect the betting line in regards to the “under.” Most of the time, the perfect weather conditions will not raise the betting total.

Heavy snow, wind, or rain are three of the biggest weather conditions that could affect an NFL betting total in a negative way. This will especially come into play for teams that like to throw the football. 

Watch for line movement in the NFL betting totals as more weather information becomes available, and you will usually see those lines drop. 

Weather Changes Constantly

Another thing to remember when betting on the NFL in relation to the weather is that the weather report will change constantly. The best time to get the official weather report is just hours before kickoff, and this should be when you are placing your NFL totals bets.

There can be terrific value by placing an NFL betting total early and then having the wind shift in your favor, but it can also work against you as well. If you are going to give yourself the best shot to win an NFL bet when betting on the total, then you better know how the weather is going to impact a game.