BR Betting

Bleacher Reports (B/R) for long has been regarded as a leading news outlet both in the US and across the globe. Politics, economics, entertainment and general sports news were the major focus of Bleacher Report. However, after the US Supreme Court in 2018 passed an iconic ruling which legalized online gambling activities in the US, Bleacher Report not only found itself reporting on the news but it also developed a keen interest to expand into this newly legalized ‘business’.

Bleacher Report’s keen interest in online gambling necessitated the company to develop and create a dedicated Bleacher Report (B/R) betting platform. This platform has several functions and these are all going to be explored in this article.

Getting to Understand B/R Betting

Simply put, B/R betting is an online gambling news platform. As an online gambling news platform, punters cannot necessarily expect to place bets at B/R betting. What they can expect however is to get some key insights into different betting news covering all the sports from the major to the niche sports. Besides getting key betting insights, players at B/R betting can also track all online gambling news stories from across the US.

Services Offered

There are four key areas that the B/R betting platform focuses on. These four are as follows:

  • Online betting guide: On a daily basis, the B/R betting platform showcases some expert insider tips on upcoming sports events. At times, the platform also features some random and interesting betting insights from random punters.
  • Online betting news: The B/R betting platform is a news platform for all things gambling. Players and punters who are looking to track all the latest in the field of online gambling will thus not go wrong when they settle at B/R betting.
  • Catch up on latest betting videos and sports highlights: Missed your favourite team’s match over the weekend or eager to take a look at the trending sports video that’s causing all sorts of mayhem in the social media streets? If you answer yes to this question, then the B/R betting platform is the place to be. This necessitated by the fact that after every round of matches in all professional leagues, the platform showcases highlights for all events as well as unforgettable events that took place during the match day.
  • Expert betting guides on demand (video): B/R betting through its platform as well as several of Bleacher Report’s social media platforms primarily YouTube airs frequent expert betting guides videos. Different betting experts are invited to the betting shows and they get to share expert opinions on upcoming sports events with a particular focus on betting services. Punters who tune in to these videos will thus find themselves getting key insights into probable bets. One such expert betting guide on video that B/R betting airs is the B/R Drop Zone: DraftKings Big Game Prop Reveal. This program is aired in partnership with leading industry giant DraftKings.

Round Up

For all betting enthusiasts, B/R betting is simply the best betting platform to settle at. At this platform, players can find everything they need related to sports betting from expert views and opinions, betting tips, betting news to sports videos and highlights.