3 Keys to Betting on NBA Totals

As sports betting in the United States continues to become more popular, NBA betting has seen a sharp rise as well. NBA betting is the second biggest market in the US behind the National Football League.

There are a number of NBA bets that will be offered by sportsbooks, but one of the most popular options is betting on NBA totals. This type of bet focuses on the total number of points scored in an NBA game, and the winner of the game does not impact the result.

When looking to bet on NBA totals, there are three keys that you want to keep in mind to give you the best chance to become successful. You can certainly try to use different tips and strategies, but remembering these three keys should put you on the right path.

Bet Early

If you are planning to bet on the NBA, then you need to know when the betting lines will be coming out for each matchup. Typically these are announced the night before a game, and that is where you should plan on doing most of your betting.

Betting on NBA totals early is a great time to take advantage of favorable lines set by the sportsbook, as they won’t have time to adjust these at all. You can usually get the best value for your money by making an early wager, especially if you do it as soon as you see the lines.

This isn’t always the case, and you can always make an NBA total bet the next day, but your best chance of winning some money is by being prepared to act. 

Check Line Movements

If you failed to bet on an NBA total market early, then you need to keep a close eye on the line movements. Sportsbooks adjust the total lines often, especially when new information is revealed.

In some cases, these lines will be adjusted by four-five points, and that can give you a chance to find some value in those lines. When checking for line movement, you also need to do some research yourself to figure out why those lines are being adjusted.

If you have a plan in place, then you can be ready to jump on the lines if they move to where you are comfortable. 

Look For “Under” Options

Another NBA betting key that can help you successfully bet on NBA totals is to look very closely at betting on the under. This same tip or strategy can apply to betting on underdogs, and some of the best sports bettors will tell you that they place a majority of their best on these categories.

The reason that you should look at the under option in all markets is that a large percentage of bettors are focused on the “over.” Fans and bettors generally tend to think that more points will be scored than what will actually occur.

It’s also not really fun to bet on the under because then you are constantly watching a game and hoping for missed shots or lack of offense. This allows sportsbooks to mess with the total betting lines, giving you a chance to make money by betting the under.